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11-05-2011, 09:22 AM

Tom Carroll (59) -The second-best reliever named Carroll on the BRM.

Richie Scheinblum (69) -Came to the Reds in the unfortunate deal in which we gave up Hal McRae. His son is a golfer who won the U.S. national long-driving championship.

Pete Donohue -Pitcher of the 1920s; won 20 three times before age 25, but then his career went backwards.

Greasy Neale -Led the Reds in hits in the 1919 World Series, but better known for his football exploits. Played on the Canton Bulldogs with Jim Thorpe and later was a successful head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.


Johnny Damon (38) -Second to Carl Crawford in triples among active players.

Javy Lopez (41) -Looking at his record, I was surprised how really good he was. There are catchers in the HOF with worse records.

Lloyd Moseby (52) -The CF inthe great Blue Jay outfield of Bell-Moseby-Barfield.

Also two great names today: Putsy Caballero and Yam Yaryan...

11-05-2012, 08:53 AM
Besides having a cool name, Putsy Caballero was the youngest player in the history of the Phillies: only 16 when he made his major league debut. He was, however, washed up by age 24. He later went into the pest control business in Louisiana, and was briefly in the news when he lost his home to Hurricane Katrina but salvaged his old Phillies jersey.

Also, Craig McMurtry, who surrendered Barry Bonds's first ML homer, turns 53 today.