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11-19-2011, 11:17 AM
Just got back from almost a week in Arizona watching the Az Fall League. Not a great group there for Reds. But did get my first glimpses of Greene and Puckett.

But I made a point to hit the 3 ballparks I've never seen, so that I could compare them. Here's my rankings of all the parks:

1. Rockies/DBacks. (Scottsdale - on Indian Reservation) Brand new facility, and it is awesome. The stadium itself is the crown jewel. With a huge HD screen, mutiple levels, luxury boxes, etc. The concourses are huge. I've never seen dugout like these. They must be 50 feet deep. One of the best non-ML stadiums I've ever seen. Maybe THE best.

2. Dodgers/White Sox. (Glendale) A close second. I didn't think anyone would top them, but the stadium itself isn't quite as grand as Rockies/DBacks. The surrounding training area is quite nice here with streams etc.

Fairly big gap........

3. Rangers/Royals (Surprise) - Really nice stadium, 2 levels, nice facades. I have a feeling the practice areas are more utilitarian then the best ones. Biggest complaint: You have to park behind CF and walk all the way around to Home Plate

4. Mariners/Padres (Peoria) - single level stadium but with nice facades. Park at home plate, training facilities are nice.

Fairly big gap......

5. Reds/Indians (Goodyear) - new single level stadium but it seems like it was done on a tight budget. For example, no facade. The inside walls are unfinished concrete block. Unlike all the other dual facilities, the two training camps are not on either side of the stadium. Instead the Reds offices, and training fields are down the road quite a way.

Fairly big gap.... (from this point the stadiums are older)

6. Angels - (Tempe). Nice looking outside of stadium, but inside is fairly plain, and has large sections of bleacher seats.

small gap..... these stadiums seem really old

7. A's Phoenix - Single level, many bleachers. A scoreboard that looks like it's from a High School with funding issues. I didn't even see where the training facilities were. Needs major update.

8. Giants (Scottsdale). Again an aging single level stadium, with many bleachers, training facilities elsewhere.

9. Cubs (Mesa) - I'll never go to another Spring Training game there. Traffic was murder, moderately crappy area, just to sit in bleachers. Didn't see where training facilities were.

10. Brewers (Maryvale). Bad area of town. A real "nothing" single level stadium, with tiny scoreboard, and bleachers.

Hoenestly 7-10 really need an upgrade. I think the Cubs are working on one.

11-19-2011, 09:32 PM
The Cubs are getting new dibs next year (or 2013) - probably another HKS Salt River/Glendale clone, with Ivy thrown in or something.

The Brewers have been making noise about moving - wouldn't shock me if they moved in with the Cubs to be honest.

My big gripe about Glendale, is that the positioned the field wrong. It's facing southeast instead of north east like most others. When it's northeast, during late march, you do get some shade and sun the isn't a factor. When you are facing southeast, and it's 85 out, staring into the sun for 3+ hours makes it a pain.

I would disagree on the Giants ST field. It is older but they renovated it a year or so ago which made a huge difference. Unlike all the others - it's smack in the middle of downtown Scottsdale too which makes a big difference. I'll go to that stadium over most of the others.

Goodyear - yeah I wish the facilities were on site like Surprise - Surprise is one of the best because you can wander into each team's batting cages and watch guys rehabbing or taking reps. But they are hamstrung because the land they got was right next to the giant boneyard - no room for those fields.