View Full Version : Bailey's injury issues

The Rage
12-03-2011, 06:37 PM
are because his mechanics aren't long enough. I am not talking about adding a bunch of length, just a bit to allow for a easier delivery with better arm speed.

Watching tape of him back to 05-11 you can see his origin as a mostly drop/drive pitcher(not as extreme as some in the past, but you get the motion). The big leg kick, long,fluid,explosive delivery/fastball. Unlike a bad drop/drive guy who has a W, Homer kept his body in good position. If he had come out 10 years earlier, he probably would have already been a star. I think the drop/drive delivery is underrated. Teams overreact because not many pitchers can do it right and it puts the pressure on the back shoulder, but alot of "modern" deliveries just put it on the elbow. They also have become obsessed with control. Homer was alot like Josh Beckett in that he had a good feel for it, but unlike Beckett(who should have stuck it out, eventually ended up hurting his arm) the Reds forced it on him at 21 years old.

Homer's "problems" begin in 2007 when they started to take away the "drive", in 2008 they took away the drop. His arm speed and velocity crashed. He was consistantly off balance and that causes a unclean delivery. 2009 was a bit of a rebound for him as he went with a higher arm slot leading toward a more aggressive leg kick and fluid delivery. I notice now since Price has been here, we have gone back to the lower arm slot again, hurting his leg kick. I do like how Price has him holding his arms together before release, but I think they have them to low. Put it up to about eye level(starting with a tad higher arm slot) and I think Bailey would adapt quickly and really put up some big numbers.......if no permanent damage has been done to his arm. Better leg kick,tempo,balance,fluid delivery. The Reds fear is that it would hurt his control, but the flaccid stuff already hurts control because you give up more homers and less strikeouts decreasing confidence. The Reds obsession with command may not fit Bailey and he may need to go onto another organization to test my coaching tips.