View Full Version : Walt Was Just On SiriusXM's MLB Radio (12/19/11)

12-19-2011, 12:26 PM
He talked about Latos and us having to pay to get him. He did not say OVERPAY. He just thought we had to get a top end of rotation starter to move up this year. He said they targeted 6 or 7 pitchers.

Cueto will be opening day starter per Walt and he said Dusty made that decision early on.

Brandon talks still going....(Walt said all the right things - :) )

Cordero talks still going....should know something before the end of holidays. If it does not work out, a trade will be in the works

He said Rolen's shoulder is progressing

Chapman is slated to be a starter

I think that is it. I missed some of the conversation.

MLB radio on SiriusXM has pretty much been all Reds talk today. Good stuff! :thumbup: