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12-24-2011, 10:31 AM
Hey guys, long time no talk. Anyways, this offseason has been fairly interesting, me peronally am just OK with the trade for Latos, I think we gave up too much. But he has potential to dominate, along with Cueto, at the top of the rotation. The trade for Sean, I really dont have an opinion on yet.

Jocketty has expressed interest in the LF position, I like Heisey, but i would have no problem welcoming someone like Carlos Quentin or Morse from Washington. Both would put up huge numbers in GABP. I would have a problem with CoCo Crisp or Juan Pierre. Left Field is a power position and neither of those two have much at all. Not to mention Crisp has trouble getting on base, but with speed, he seems like the sort of guy Dusty would love to have at the top of our order not producing.

What do you guys think?