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01-30-2012, 08:55 AM
We can do all Reds today:

Jeremy Hermida (28) -One of only four players to hit a grand slam in his first ML at bat. Signed to return to San Diego in 2012.

Jorge Cantu (30) -He'll have hot streaks where people get excited about him, but really he's pretty much Edwin Encarnacion in my book...Currently an Angel.

Davey Johnson (69) -Did you know Davey was the last batter to get a hit off of Sandy Koufax? His 43 homers in 1973 remain one the sport's great out-of-nowhere performances.

Walt Dropo -The Big Moose from Moosup, Connecticut, he was drafted by professional football and basketball teams but chose baseball. Was good enough as a rookie in 1950 to beat out Whitey Ford for the Rookie of the Year award, but hurt his wrist in 1951 and was never the same. He did, however, set a ML record by hitting in 12 consecutive ABs in 1952.

Brooks Lawrence -"The Bull", out of Springield, Ohio, started the 1956 season with 13 straight wins. After retirement he worked for International Harvester in Springfield and with the Reds in a number of positions.

Tony Mullane -"The Apollo Of The Box", known for pitching with either hand. Had a long and eventful career; there's a good article about him in The Neyer/James Book of Pitchers.

Bob Borkowski
01-30-2013, 11:38 PM
Adding Charlie Neal - Still another former Red. I think of him primarily as a Dodger but he finished up with Cincy in 1963 following a stint with the Mets. He hit two homers in game 2 of the 1959 World Series for the Dodgers against the White Sox at Comiskey. He always seemed like a tough cookie on the field...or was I just swayed by that big scar on his cheek?