View Full Version : Anyone in the Albuquerque NM area?

02-17-2012, 05:23 AM
I know this is a long shot, but I figured I'd do everything I can for my friend. Him and his girlfriend - who the link below is about - recently moved to the Albuquerque area. About a week ago she went missing after she accompanied my friend to the hospital. We're just trying to do everything we can to see if we can get some info on tracking her down.

THIS IS NOT SPAM. This is a close friend of over 10 years, who's life is upside down right now. I just want to help him in any way I can. I know a majority of users reside on the eastern side of the Mississippi, but who knows... Its just crazy. You see this kind of crap on TV all the time.. missing persons, etc. The fact that its hit so close to home is just surreal.

Check out the link below please, and if you can do anything.. like the page.. share it with folks who may be in the area.. whatever. I would greatly appreciate anything. I'm at a loss of what else to do, so its the least I can do for a good friend.