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03-05-2012, 09:54 AM

Paul Konerko (36) -Played in 28 games for the 1998 Reds. In 2009, His 300th homer came back-to-back with Jermaine Dye's 300th homer. That's what I call planning...

Ryan Franklin (39) -Pitched for the 2006 Reds, then moved to St. Louis and instantly became good...

Brian Hunter (41) -Yesterday's Brian Hunter was the 1b-OF, today's is the speedy CF who stole 74 bases in 1997. His short tenure as a Red was in 2000.

Jeffrey Hammonds (41) -A Red in 1998-99. His career ended with a bang; the last runs he drove in were a result of a grand slam.


Del Crandall (82) -A good hitter and a great defensive catcher; he won four of the first five NL gold gloves at that position.

Sam Thompson -Drove in 166 runs in 1887, which stood as the record until the Babe topped it in 1921. Here's trivia for you: his great-great-grandson is bluegrass mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile, late of Nickel Creek.

Bob Borkowski
03-06-2013, 12:55 AM
Adding Kent Tekulve (66) - He closed out a long career with the Pirates and Phillies by appearing in a few games for the Reds in 1989. Born in Cincinnati. Holds the record for most career losses without having given up any earned runs (12).