View Full Version : The Central Competition

03-13-2012, 10:18 PM
Have to point this out. Neither Shaun Marcum or Chris Carpenter have thrown a single pitch yet in spring training games.

Conventional wisdom seems to be that the Cards and Brewers are ahead of Reds rotation. But if both these guys battle injury this year, I would expect our rotation to come out on top.

Carpenter (neck) Greinke Cueto
Wainwright (?) Gallardo Latos
Garcia Marcum (shoulder) Arroyo
Lohse Wolf Leake
Westbrook Narveson Bailey

The Cards seem to be in trouble. Doubtful Carpenter can last the whole season at anywhere near his normal performance. Wainwright seems to be pitching well but has the tommy john return question mark. They really don't have depth. Marcum's getting a late start and has to hold down pitch count at best and may be an injury risk. With Chapman and Francis for depth I think I like our rotation better for first time in awhile. Like others, I have a feeling Bailey will do it this year and give us 3 playoff caliber starters.

03-14-2012, 08:27 AM
Carp was good in the playoffs, but last year he was a .500 pitcher. If he goes down he will be replaced by a .500 pitcher. (ERA close to 4.00)I see no benefit there.