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WVXU-FM will air a one-hour special Sunday night at 8:00 pm that will include portions of selected game broadcasts of Waite Hoyt. Hoyt was just before my time, so for anyone in their mid-40s or younger, this is a GREAT chance to acquaint yourselves with a broadcasting legend very important in Reds history. Hoyt was Marty and Joe before Marty and Joe.

“Voices of the Game” author Curt Smith called Hoyt “among the very first ex-athletes to enter the broadcast booth and quite possibly the best.”

Hoyt, son of a New York vaudeville entertainer, was a renaissance man. He was a painter, writer, funeral home director and a Hall of Fame pitcher. He won 237 and lost 132 in 21 seasons....Hoyt was so loyal to Burger (Beer) that he retired in 1965, when the brewery lost the radio rights to Wiedemann. Fans missed his player’s perspective so much that in 1967 Wiedemann added recently retired pitcher Joe Nuxhall to the radio booth.

This is a do-yourselves-a-favor and listen heads up.

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I hope they stream that online, it would be cool to hear! I remember during the strike in '81 when the Reds aired those fantasy games. They had the '76 Reds play the '27 Yankees and Bench hit a game tying home run off Hoyt in the bottem of the ninth. Supposedly, Hoyt called Marty and complained, saying there would be no way he would have given up a homer in that situation :)