View Full Version : Positions that need Upgraded most?

04-13-2012, 11:39 AM
Honestly i see no difference possibly worst than last year. And definitely worst than 2010. I think we got fooled big time in 2010 that this offense was capable of producing the kind of numbers to win in this league. I think our pitching is fine. We did what we needed to do there. At least enough to win. The problem is too much pressure on the pitchers. Our pitchers no if they give up more than 2-3 runs we could be in for a loss. Pitchers need support and i think most know early runs can do wonders for a pitchers confidence.

Now onto the players i think need to go. This is more looking at a next perspective.

1.) Scott Rolen---I love him to death and im happy he became a red. But at this point he just cant perform like he used to. Defensively he is great. But his bat isnt what we need. My prediction for him .245 and maybe 10 hr's. Which obviously isnt good enough for a 4 hole guy

2.) Ryan Ludwick---It's early but it seems we got fooled with this guy. Somethings snapped in him where he's not the guy That played for the cardinals anymore. He looks terrible at the plate. C. Heisey i would keep but for only a start every 5 games or so to give our OUtfielders a rest. And pinch hitting which is where he really shines.

3.) Drew Stubbs---I think we are all about fed up with him and his strikeouts. I would give him till the all-star break to change his act. If not start trying to move him for potentials in return. Than start looking for a true lead off guy with speed.

IMO these spots is what needed changed. The rest of the spots i think the talent is there it just needs to come around.

What say you?

04-13-2012, 11:54 AM
I wouldn't say WORSE than last year. BP being out hurts our run production a lot. So does Harris batting EVER (I see that problem taking care of itself soon).

1. Rolen will come around at the plate a bit but you're right, he is not a good 4 hole hitter.

2. I don't think anyone was fooled with Ludwick, we took a gamble on him that has not paid off as of now. Hope that trend reverses.

3. I'm not sure what to do with Stubbs. If you bench him and put Heisey in center that leaves Ludwick for LF (see point 2). I think we have to hope his early season form doesn't continue for Stubby.