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04-13-2012, 01:21 PM
After Cueto went 7 innings on opening day we've only got 6 innings from a starter twice, and both times you could question whether we should have even had them out there that long.

Latos - 4.2 innings
Arroyo - 6.1 innings
Bailey - 5.2 innings
Leake - 6.0 innings
Cueto - 5.0 innings
Latos - 5.0 innings

It's early in the year for a lot of complaining, but my three gripes so far are that we have very few good at bats, Dusty has forgotten about our running game, and our pitchers are trying to miss too many bats.

Yesterday was a great example. It was cold and the wind was blowing in....it would have taken an aluminum bat to get one out. With one of the best defenses in baseball and those conditions, you would think our pitchers would pitch to contact. Instead Latos kept burying sliders in the dirt trying to get guys to chase, and Mesoraco was giving him reactions like that was the pitch he wanted. It's just a bad approach imo.

If we can't get more from our starters we're going to have an entire bullpen full of Alfredo Simons later in the year.