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04-21-2012, 11:37 AM

Jeff Keppinger (32) -I always stuck up for Jeff on this board; I always felt like some posters here focused too much on what he couldn't do (he was miscast as a shortstop) and not enough on the fact that he could play several positions passably and hit .280. There should be room on your roster for a guy like that.

Kip Wells (35) -I guess his career is over, but you never can tell...He must be a terrific human being because he keeps getting chance after chance.


Ken Caminiti -A sad, sad story; don't know what else to say...

Jesse Orosco (55) -Jesse, of course, holds the record for most games pitched (ex-Red Mike Stanton is second), and holds several other longievity-related records. he's one of the 29 players to appear in four decades, and he was the last active player to have played in the 1970s, just edging out Ricky.

Alonza Bumbry (65) -Speedy Oriole OF who won a Bronze Star in Vietnam. I believe his son is still playing in the Oriole organization.

Bill Faul -From Cincinnati (Norwood, I think) and U.C... Today's fun fact: In 1965, the Cubs set a record by turning three triple plays in a season. Bill Faul only pitched in 17 games that year, but he was on the mound for all three of them...

Bob Borkowski
04-22-2013, 12:59 AM
Ken Caminiti -A sad, sad story; don't know what else to say...

I went back and reviewed his career and you are right, chico. Very sad indeed.