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04-23-2012, 09:22 PM
13X Gold Glove
2844 career hits
558 doubles

Caught Nolan Ryan who was born in 1947....also caught Stephen Strasburg who was born in 1988.

Timmy Kirkjian has him as the 9th greatest catcher ever???? WTH?

Bench is the only one who could be better defensively and Pudge had 350 more hits than any other catcher, an MVP and over 300 HR.

No way there are 8 better. I assume he has Fisk, Berra, Campanella, Piazza, Dickey, Gary Carter, Bob bleepin Boone? Biff Pocaroba?

04-23-2012, 09:53 PM
Did you forget about Dann Billardello and John Boccabella? :)

04-23-2012, 10:51 PM
No lol....but I can't get 8 catchers above Pudge and Timmy K is going to strong on catchers when he was growing up older guys.

04-23-2012, 10:54 PM
Probably has Thurman Munson as well.

04-24-2012, 07:31 AM
he prolly has Posada over Pudge

04-24-2012, 08:33 AM
he prolly has Posada over Pudge

I don't know, but Timmy is one of the best baseball minds EVER, so I tend to take him for his word on this kind of stuff. When a guy can tell you off the top of his dome who the HR leaders are for each letter of the alphabet...amazing.

04-24-2012, 01:44 PM

04-24-2012, 09:37 PM
There wasn't a better offensive catcher than Mike Piazza in my opinion. Bench, a close second. I also think it's safe to say Morgan was the greatest 2nd baseman of all time and Rose the greatest third baseman.
So glad I got to see Pudge play at Great American before he retired. Got to see Posada play in Cincy too but as a first baseman. :)