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04-24-2012, 07:39 AM

Pat Zachry (60) -Co-Rookie of the Year (with the immortal Butch Metzger). Traded to the Mets in the Seaver trade. During Rose's hit streak, Pat gave up the hit in game #37, which tied Rose with Tommy Holmes for the NL record. After being removed from the game, Zachry tried to kick a helmet, missed and kicked a concrete step instead. He broke a toe (I believe it was the one who went to market) and was out for the year.

Dixie Howell -There were two "Dixie Howells" active in the majors at about the same time, and both played for the Reds. Millard "Dixie" Howell was a relief pitcher, but this one is Homer "Dixie" Howell, who was a backup catcher around 1950.


Carlos Beltran (35) -Growing up, Carlos's favorite sport was volleyball; his father had to force him to focus on baseball...

Chipper Jones (40) -Holds the record for consecutive games with an extra-base hit: 14 in a row. He hit at least 20 homers in his first 14 big-league seasons; that's a record he shares with another Braves third baseman: Eddie Mathews.

Omar Vizquel (45) -Another four-decade player; we've had a run of them lately. Omar, as you would expect, holds a number of longevity-related records: most DPs by a shortstop, most sacrifice hits after 1900, most hits by a native Venezuelan.

Howard Ehmke -A lot of you probably know this story, but I'm going to tell it for those that don't... In 1929, Connie Mack chose Ehmke to start game 1 of the World Series, even though he'd only started eight games the entire season. Mack let Ehmke leave the club the last week of the season and scout the NL pennant-winning Cubs. Ehmke pitched a 3-1 complete game victory...After Ehmke retired, he started a company that made tarps for baseball fields; it's still in existence.

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Great Stuff, Chico!

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Hard to believe Chipper is 40. When the Braves were on TBS everyday I can remember them talking about this young guy, named Chipper, in the minors who they thought would be real good.

Bob Borkowski
04-25-2013, 08:10 AM

Pat Zachry (60) - He broke a toe (I believe it was the one who went to market)

Funny line. :) Are you a writer or a teacher or something in real life, chico?