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04-25-2012, 07:42 AM

Joe Hague (68) -Like Adam Dunn, he was a University of Texas football player turned bad outfielder turned first baseman... The Reds in the '70s had several pairs of players whose names rhymed: Joe Hague and Ed Sprague, Bobby Tolan and Gary Nolan, George Foster and Ron Oester if you pushed it a bit...Joe did not cuss, using the word "mullet" instead of whatever cussword one would normally use.


Tony Phillips (53) -Super-utility man...The first Oakland A to hit for the cycle... Had some drug problems.

Jimmy Brown -Cardinal shortstop of the 1930s; largely forgotten, but he finished 4th in MVP voting one yea and 6th another year.

Bobby Estalella -Nicknamed "Tarzan"...A light-skinned Cuban who kind of skated around the color line in the 1930s despite obviously having some African ancestry. His grandson and namesake played in the majors about a decade ago.

Roy Parmelee -Pitched only five full seasons in the bigs, but led the league in hit batsmen four times, wild pitches twice and walks once. I don't think too many people dug in on old Roy...

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Sadly Joe Hague died in 1994. He was only 50.