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05-02-2012, 04:28 PM
My frustration comes across often in my comments. But I've been thinking about how maybe this team just isn't ready to take that next step YET. But is slowly being built to be that dominant team eventually.

Think about it (and I'm sure many of you have). Look at the positions being stabilized (except for career ending injuries).

C - For all the love I had for Ramon Hernandez, and he was a solid Red, he was getting old. Hanigan is way underappreciated and valuable to this tandem catching unit. Mez is the up and comer that has tons of potential. This position is theoretically stabilized for years to come.

1B - the signing of a still under 30 Votto, former and potential yearly MVP candidate is huge. This position is stabilized for years to come.

2B - Phillips, signed, sealed, and a Red for a long while now. Gold glove defense. Solid offense. Fan favorite. Bleeds Red.

SS - Cozart. If this isn't some kind of aberration, and I don't think it is. This kid is a gamer. A defensive stalwart. And potentially the best SS we've had since Larkin. Young and stabilizing the SS position for years to come.

3B - ????? How does this position get filled? Nothing immediately in the pipeline. I don't see Frazier as a long term answer, and more of utility type.

LF - ????? Another position with a rotating door. Has the potential to find a cleanup hitter to protect Votto in this position (hopefully).

CF - Stubbs. Not my favorite player at all. And I'm not sure the position is stabilized yet. Convert Hamilton to CF??? Make him the future leadoff hitter? Hmmm.

RF - Bruce. Stabilized for years.

SP - Cueto. Signed. Sealed.
SP - Latos. Under control for 4 years.
SP - Arroyo. Old man on the squad? Savvy veteran? Classic junkballer? I don't see him here after next season though.
SP - Leake. Future Greg Maddux? Or is he just average? Still young and under Reds control.
SP - Bailey. Average or going to take the next step? We've been saying that for a long time.
SP - Chapman. Time is running out. That contract expires in a few years and the Reds may have wasted his starting potential in the bullpen.

I half expect more of the minor league talent to be dealt at some point to strengthen the rotation. I see Cueto, Latos, and Chapman has 3/5's of the future rotation.

Bullpen is solid. But would it be if Chapman were moved into the rotation?

And then there are payroll concerns. With no apparent heir to the positions immediately in the system, how do you stabilize LF and 3B? Free agency seems to be out of the question with the payroll so high.

I like what they're doing. But the big holes at LF and 3B, I believe, are what are holding the offense back. And the big hole at cleanup is too. Captain Obvious, I know.

I really believe the bullpen and starting rotation are slowly being worked out and stabilized. Still lurking questions though. Yet better than it was 2 or 3 years ago.

It will be interesting to see how the organization continues to fill the question marks and builds this into a dominant team. I believe it can happen. I just don't see how at this point.

05-02-2012, 06:17 PM
Vottomatic, I had the same burning questions on my mind today as well. Looked up and down for a 3b or LF for at least next year. Nada. Not unless we get to adventure with Soto in either spot. Then you've got Dorn or Rhinehart. Then you've got a starter to deal perhaps.

The goal, of course is championship baseball. Looking at Texas, for example, I feel they're up on our lineup by one big bat, not counting the DH. That big bat could be Mesoraco, though. If he repeats what he did in AAA, we'll be fine and he can hit 4th.

05-02-2012, 06:52 PM
My guess is that they think BP can slide over to third toward the end of the contract. As for stopgaps....I don't know.

If there's any position you want to be a revolving door, it's leftfield.

Not wholly convinced on Stubbs either. It'll be interesting to see what the org does with Hamilton.

05-02-2012, 07:02 PM
How do you half expect something? </peter griffin>

05-02-2012, 08:56 PM
SP - Latos. Under control for 4 years.

SP - Chapman. Time is running out. That contract expires in a few years and the Reds may have wasted his starting potential in the bullpen.

Chapman is under control for the exact amount of time as Latos.