View Full Version : 5 most Frustrating reds players

05-03-2012, 01:46 PM
1. Drew Stubbs- He has the HIGHEST Ceiling and possibly the best over all tool set of any player on the reds yet he strikes out like no one i have ever seen in my life
2. Alfredo Simon- Coco cordero part two i think explains it well enough
3. Willy Harris- dusty's love for lefties off the bench is the only reason he is on the roster
4. Scott Rolen- He is a winning veteran but is way past his prime at this point i know they are paying him alot but he should be on the bench
5. Ryan Madson- 8 Million and he will never throw a pitch for the reds

05-04-2012, 08:34 AM
mine are Drew Stubbs, you summed up my reasoning for him in your post....

my other one is Jay Bruce, Jay is one of my favorite Reds but I cannot stand when he is slumping and he swings at those curveballs or sliders or sinkers that hit dirt before it even crosses the plate. That frustrates me to no end...I understand getting hung out to dry once in a while on one of those pitches by a cy young type pitcher....but when Jay is cold, he swings at those pitches at an absurd rate....at least once a night when he is cold.....This far into his career you have to start being able to recognize a pitch in the dirt that is 5 feet short of the plate.........I have even seen him do it with no strikes, when he should be sitting on one pitch and one pitch only, no need to protect with zero strikes, but Jay has done it time and time again....he is getting better, but still does it more than I would like to see....

If Jay can get a few of his weak links tied up and turn them into strengths instead of a weakness, I think jay can be a 10 year all star RF'er with several gold gloves and in the top 5 of HR's and RBI's....and if he puts up those numbers his OBP will go up cause he will be getting walked at a Joey Votto pace like..

05-04-2012, 09:55 AM
At the risk of rehashing a tired argument, someone would have to explain to me where all of this upside talk is coming from with Stubbs. He's a speedy runner who had a bit of a power surge one year in GABP. Nothing about him screams potential or underachiever. He's a mediocre player performing like a mediocre player.

Nobody frustrates me that much because it's a game and they're all trying hard, but if I had to pick I'll say Phillips. His baserunning gaffs are inexcusable to me and has anyone clocked him to 1st base lately? On a ground ball with DP possibilities, I think I'd take Scott Rolen running to 1st over BP. It's not just the injury either, he's either been slow or lazy getting down the basepaths for multiple years now. Lack of hustle frustrates me more than poor play.

Latos is pushing for a spot on this list. It's not so much frustrated as disappointed. Honestly, I didn't watch him that much in SD, but loved his stats and age. Watching him every start this year and a few times in spring, I'm really not seeing it. His pitches all look pretty hittable to me and he throws too many high and straight fastballs for my liking. It's still a small sample size though and I am sure he doesn't PLAN on throwing every pitch chest high all season.

05-04-2012, 10:03 AM
The reason I left off Latos is because he hasn't been here long enough to be as frustrating to me yet. Stubbs how ever was a 1st round pick and they drafted him because he has the potential to be a five tool player but he hasn't shown the ability to hit for average