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05-15-2012, 08:24 AM

Harry Smith -A third-string backup catcher in 1917-18. Probably the most obscure player I've ever included in these lists, but hey, a Red is a Red...


Josh Beckett (32) -Perhaps he and his Red Sox teammates can celebrate his birthday in the clubhouse during the game with some fried chicken and beer...

John Smoltz (45) -Holds a bunch of weird records mostly because he and Dennis Eckersley are the only players to have long successful careers as both a starter and a reliever...In 1996, counting playoffs and the All-Star game, he won 29 games- the most since Denny McLain...Here's an obscure record for you: Smoltzy has the most postseason stolen bases (3) of any pitcher...Good friends with Jeff Foxworthy and Tiger Woods... He's a really good golfer, and even got a special exemption to enter a PGA tour event, but he imploded and finished nine strokes behind the second-worst golfer.

George Brett (59) -Cousin of actor Matthew Modine...Has a career .299 batting average against Hall of Fame pitchers...His three kids are named after his father, Bob Dylan, and Robin Yount.

Bill North (64) -Speedy OF... The first DH in A's history...Turned an unassisted double play from center field in 1974 when he raced in to catch a shallow fly, then ran in to double up Dick Allen from second base...later became a financial planner; his clients include Dusty Baker.

Claude "Lefty" Thomas -Pitched only briefly in the majors, but had a long career in the Pacific Coast League, and is remembered for teaching Carl Hubbell how to throw a screwball.

05-15-2012, 10:38 AM
I have a hard time imagining Smoltz, Foxworthy and Woods going out on the town together, lol. Although, combined, they might have half the money in the world.

Bob Borkowski
05-15-2013, 09:48 PM
but hey, a Red is a Red...

I agree one-thousand percent, chico. Just playing in one game as a Red is enough for me to hold the guy in awe. :)