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05-30-2012, 05:44 AM

Mike LaCoss (56) -BaseballReference.com doesn't list "Buffy" as his nickname, which is a crying shame...Mike hit only two career home runs, but he hit them in consecutive ABs. The first came off utility infielder Dane Iorg, the second off of Tom Browning.

Turk Lown (88) -A Red in 1958...His real first name was "Omar"...After his baseball career he bacame a mail carrier.

Mike Donlin -One of the most famous players of the 19th century, partly for his undeniable skills and partly for his love of partying and show business...Called "Turkey Mike" because of the way he walked...He dabbled in vaudeville during his playing days, and after retirement he moved to Hollywood to pursue show business full time. He appears in Buster Keaton's classic silent film "The General"...He also became a drinking buddy of actor John Barrymore.

Amos Rusie -HOF pitcher remembered by Reds fans for being part of the worst trade in Reds history (and maybe the worst trade in baseball history): The Reds acquired Rusie, who had one win in his future, for a youngster named Christy Mathewson...In his prime, Rusie was a terrific fastball pitcher, nicknamed "The Hoosier Thunderbolt"...He once hit Hughie Jennings with a pitch that put him in a coma for four days...After his playing career, he was discovered stacking boards in a lumber yard for $1.50 a day.


Manny Ramirez (40) -Like Mike Donlin, he seems to be very, very uncomfortable when the spotlight isn't on him...Exhibits a bit of the George Foreman syndrome: he has two sons named "Manny", although they're by different mothers.

Rube Oldring -OF for Connie Mack's early Philadelphia A's teams...Once managed a team called the Suffolk Nuts.

Bob Borkowski
05-30-2013, 10:38 PM
Turk Lown (88) -A Red in 1958...His real first name was "Omar"...After his baseball career he bacame a mail carrier.

He got his nickname as a child because of his fondness for eating turkey. Until I found this out, I always figured that 'Turk' came from something a little more 'two-fisted', shall we say.