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05-31-2012, 08:11 PM
Reds go 7-3 over last ten games. Reds 19-11 over last 30 games. Reds lead Central by 1.5 games. Reds RS/RA is now fifth best in NL at +17. Reds are 13-13 on the road, 15-9 at home, overall 28-22. No personnel changes in last ten.

Offense - Reds OPS now .712, up from .693, following home run spree at GABP. Reds SLG is now fifth in NL at .406, up from .387. Reds with 53 homers, tied for fourth-fifth in the NL. At home Reds have 35 homers, second best home output in the NL. On the road, Reds with 18 homers, twelfth best output.

Reds team OBP now .306, fourteenth in the NL, up from .303. Reds BA is .241, fourteenth in the NL, up from .238. Reds wOBA is .309, ninth in the NL. Reds wRC+ is 89, tied for twelfth-thirteenth in the NL.

SLG upgrade led by Votto and Frazier at .598 for the season (Frazier now with 82 at bats), Bruce at .537, Phillips at .412, Cozart at .403. OBP struggle includes Stubbs at .296, Ludwick at .292, Cozart at .281, Rolen (injured) at .238. Reserves Cairo with .152 BA and .419 OPS; Valdez at .174 BA and .388 OPS.

Votto leads league in doubles with 22. Bruce with 14 doubles, Cozart with 13.

Pitching - Reds with 3.40 team ERA, improved from 3.50 last report, now fifth best in NL. Starters with 3.87, improved from 3.92 last report, now eighth best in NL. Relievers at 2.39 ERA, improved from 2.66, now first in NL. Bullpen with 143 innings pitched, 166 Ks, .200 BAA.

Some pitching stats - xFIP is 3.84, seventh in the NL. K/BB ratio is 2.72, third best in NL. BB rate is 7.5%, third best in NL. K rate is 20.4%, sixth best in NL.

Notably, with excellent pitching numbers, Reds have lowest ground ball rate in the NL with 42%. Also have the lowest GB/FB rate of 1.17 (low rate of grounders as compared to fly balls).

Chapman now with 26 innings pitched in 21 appearances, zero ERA, 4-0 record. Reds hurlers with high GB/FB rates (favoring grounders) are Marshall 2.93, Simon 1.76, Leake 1.60, Lecure 1.57, Cueto 1.56. Reds with low GB/FB rates (favoring fly balls) Hoover .53, Latos .86, Arroyo .90. Bailey at .97.

Starters ERAs, Cueto 2.54, Arroyo 3.59, Bailey 3.73, Latos 4.58, Leake 5.47.

Reds BB rate per nine innings is 2.83, third best in NL. Reds best are Arroyo 1.29, Simon 2.18, Cueto 2.28, Bailey 2.59, Marshall 2.60. Reds worst walk rates per nine innings are Arredondo 5.56, Lecure 4.66, Ondrusek 3.80.

Reds K rate per nine innings is 7.72, seventh best in NL. Reds best are Chapman 15.23, Marshall 12.46, Arredondo 10.72. Reds worst K rate per nine innings are Leake 5.66, Cueto 5.83, Ondrusek 5.91.

Fielding - Reds with only four errors in last ten games, now with 28, tied for second-third least in NL. Reds with 36 DPs, twelfth most in league. Reds DER (MLB.com) improved from .684 to .698, now sixth best in NL. Stolen base percentage against Reds is 76.3, sixth highest success rate for base stealers in NL.

06-01-2012, 06:44 PM
Good stuff KC. The Reds finished the month of May with a 17-11 record. The team ERA for the month was 3.29. In 4 of the 11 losses, the Reds allowed three runs or less. In 6 of the losses they allowed four runs or fewer. 28-22 is nothing to sneeze at, but imagine where this team could be if the offense had performed better.