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06-01-2012, 07:49 AM

Wilkin Castillo (28) -I always felt that as a catcher who could play other positions and even run a little, there should be a place on somebody's roster for Wilkin, but MLB seems to disagree with me. If his career is indeed over, at least he can say he has a .314 career BA.

Hank Severeid -Catcher; came up with the Reds in 1911 but played the bulk of his career with the Browns.

Ted Breitenstein -Pitched a no-hitter in his first career start...a 20-game winner for the Reds in consecutive years, although it was 1897 and 98, when winning 20 wasn't quite the deal it is now.


Carlos Zambrano (31) -Good-hitting pitcher with anger management issues. Once claimed he developed tennis elbow from e-mailing his brother too much.

Derek Lowe (39) -I don't think anyone takes him seriously as a HOF candidate, but hey, he's got 172 wins and it's not totally impossible that he'll clear 200...Hit his only career homer for the Braves on the same day that Chipper Jones hit his 450th.

Dean Chance (71) -Dean and his buddy Bo Belinsky spent a lot of time in the mid 1960s trying to become baseball's answer to Joe Namath in the lifestyle department. Neither of them had the talent or the panache to quite pull it off. His former catcher Buck Rogers immortalized him as "The dumbest pitcher I ever caught". After baseball, he worked at a carnival for a while.

Johnny Mostil -White Sox CF in the post-Black Sox era. During spring training in 1927, Johnny attempted suicide, slashing himself with a razor blade repeatedly. He was apparently despondent over rumors that he was having an affair with the wife of Sox pitcher Red Faber. He recovered, and went on to play a few more years and eventually manage in the minors.

Bob Borkowski
06-01-2013, 07:54 PM
Dean Chance (71) - His former catcher Buck Rogers immortalized him as "The dumbest pitcher I ever caught".

A strange statement indeed. First time I had heard this one. The statement is made tongue-in-cheek, I suppose, but even so...