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Bill Bray (29) -When Bill returns, I guess he'll be the LOOGY, since neither Marshall nor Chapman has any righty-lefty split issues.

Eddie Joost -At the time of his death in 2011 he was the last surviving member of the 1940 world champion Reds. He was a light hitting shortstop before the war; when he came back he began wearing his glasses on the field, and possibly as a result he began drawing walks by the bushel and even developed some power. He has some really impressive OPS numbers in the late 1940s, especially for a shortstop.


Ray Lankford (45) -The only Cardinal with 200 hits and 200 steals. Hit the most homers at Busch Stadium of any player. Hit a pinch hit homer in his last career AB.

Duke Sims (71) -Had 100 career homers, the most of any Utah native. His 1970 was awfully good; 23 homers in a part-time role.

Lou Brissie -Coming out of high school, Lou wanted to play baseball, but his dad insisted that he go to college. He eventually got a tryout with the A's, but World War Two interrupted things. He became a paratrooper; eventually leading a squad of 12 into combat in Italy. The other 11 were all killed; Brissie survived with the bones in his lower leg blown into 30+ pieces. While recuperating in an Army hospital, he got a message from Connie Mack promising him a shot with the A's when he recovered. He went on to win 44 games in the majors wearing a brace on his leg. After he retired, he became head of the American Legion baseball progrm. And that, folks, is why they call it "The Greatest Generation"...

Jack Chesbro -Remembered for winning 41 games in 1904; the record since 1900. That year he pitched 454 innings and 48 complete games.

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Here is a good book about Brissie. I never knew anything about him until I read this. He is just one of thousands from that generation that are truly remarkable.


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My wife!

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My wife!

If this means what I think it means...Happy Birthday, Mrs. smith288! :birthday: