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06-08-2012, 10:56 PM
Ryan Feierabend made his Louisville debut tonight--before receiving the memo about the Bats' offense. He gave up three homers and seven runs in 4.1 IP. No chance, dude. It was 7-3. Dioner Navarro homered for the Louisvilles, and Bill Rhinehart had three hits.

06-08-2012, 10:59 PM
Tony Cingrani is evidently not impressed by Double-A: 6 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 9 K. His Pensacola ERA, after two starts, is 1.42. Justin Freeman then struck out four more in two innings and Drew Hayes fanned an additional two while picking up the save in the ninth, 3-0. Brodie Greene was 3-4 with a HR.

06-08-2012, 11:03 PM
The Dayton bullpen (mostly Dan Jensen) gave up 10 runs (6 earned) in the seventh and eighth innings and the Dragons fell 14-6. Jacob Johnson left with a 6-4 lead: 6 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 4 K. Selsky and Yovan Gonzalez homered.

06-08-2012, 11:05 PM
Bakersfield leads 5-1 in the third with Andrew Brackman pitching. Hamilton is 1-2, no steals. (The reason he didn't steal was the center fielder misplayed his single and he made it all the way to third. Works as well as a pitchout, I guess.)

Scrap Irony
06-09-2012, 12:09 AM
If Cingrani continues to pitch like this (or something close to it) in AA, would it be time to consider him for the top spot in the Red pitching pipeline? Is he there already?

Would he be number one overall?

AA is supposed to be the big jump, after all.

Then again, the league hasn't seen him at all. Once they get a book on him, he may struggle.

Of course, that would be the first time he's struggled as a pro.

06-09-2012, 12:23 AM
Louisville Vs. the Syracuse Chiefs (in Syracuse)

Louisville Top of the 1st

Joey Gathright lines out softly to left 1 down.
Willie Harris singles on a soft fly ball to center field.
Throwing error on the pickoff attempt, Willie Harris to 2nd.
Neftali Soto strikes out swinging. Say it ain't So-to.
Mike Costanzo pops out to third baseman Carlos Rivero in foul territory.

Syracuse Bottom of the 1st

Feierabend gets Corey Brown to strike out swinging.
Fly out to left 2 down.
Former Royal Mark Teahen doubles past Danny Dorn in left.
Feierabend strikes out Carroll swinging.

Louisville Top of the 2nd

Rhinehart singles on a bunt to third.
Puckett pops out to first.
Dorn strikes out swinging.
Dioner Navarro homers, his second, scoring 2.
Ryan Feierabend strikes out swinging. Bats lead 2-0

Syracuse Bottom of the 2nd

Feierabend gives the homer right back to the leadoff hitter.
He gets a pop out to first and the next batter swinging on strikes. 2 down.
A line shot is caught by Puckett at second for the third out.
Bats 2-1 after 2.

Bats Top 3

Gathright doubles to right. Harris flies to right and Joey goes to 3rd.
Soto grounds out 6-3 and Costanzo (remember him?) grounds out to first base unassisted.
Costanzo kills rallies at AAA too.

Chiefs Bottom 3

Feierabend allows a leadoff homer for the second inning.
Then he strikes out the next batter before allowing a double to left.
He fans Teahen for the 2nd out and gets a 1-3 comebacker to end the inning.
Still 2-1 Bats end of 3

Louisville Top of the 4th

Rhinehart doubles to right. Puckett flies to center but Rinehart advances to 3rd.
Dorn knocks in Rhinehart with a sac fly. 2 out.
Dioner Navarro singles on a sharp line drive to right and Feierabend strikes out.
3-1 Bats.

Syracuse Bottom of the 4th

Feierabend walks the leadoff hitter. Ryan seems to have trouble with leadoff hitters.
Ryan then picks the runner off and after a rundown he's tagged out.
The he walks the next 2 and gives up a single loading the bases.
He gets a soft fly that can't advance the runners but then he gives up a Grand Slam to Corey Brown. 5-3 Chiefs.
Final batter flies to center. 3 down

Louisville Top of the 5th

Joey Gathright flies out to center, Harris walks.
Neftali Soto flies out to right and Harris gets picked off for out #3
5-3 Chiefs

Syracuse Bottom of the 5th

Feierabend allows consecutive singles, runners at first and 3rd.
They catch Teahen trying to steal home. Teahen of all people. 1 down.
Next batter singles to score another, though. 6-3 Chiefs.

Josh Judy replaces Ryan Feierabend, batting 9th.
He gets a 6-4 force, then walks the next batter. Finally Judy gets a 6-3 out to end the inning.

Louisville Top of the 6th

Costanzo grounds out, 4-3 then Rhinehart singles right.
Puckett grounds into a force out, 4-6. Dorn Ks.

Syracuse Bottom 6

Judy gets a 6-3 grounder then 2 Ks for a quick inning.

Louisville Top of the 7th

Dioner Navarro walks. Rojas pinch hits for Judy and Ks. Using Rojas as a pinch hitter seems contradictory. Rojas??
Gathright singles to right sending Navarro to 2nd.
Chiefs change pitchers
Harris flies out to center, Navarro tags and goes to 3rd.
Soto grounds into a force out, 5-4.

Syracuse Bottom of the 7th

Scott Carroll replaces Josh Judy
Gives up a single then a throwing error on the pickoff attempt, runner to 2nd.
Strikes out the batter. 1 down.
Walks the next guy. I think they just hate leaving first open.
Next batter grounds into a force out, 3-6, runner to 3rd.
Carroll gets a tapper in front of the dish, Navarro throws to Soto 3 down.

Louisville Top of the 8th

Costanzo lines out softly to third, Rhinehart flies to left, Puckett strikes out swinging. Another 1 liner.

Syracuse Bottom of the 8th

Carroll gets a 5-3 grounder. A 4-3 grounder, then a grounder unassisted to Soto. 1-2-3. At last

Louisville Top 9 - Bats last chance

Danny Dorn grounds out, 4-3 and Navarro repeats the process. 2 down.
Felix Perez pinch hits for Scott Carroll and pops to the catcher in foul ground.

Chiefs win 6-3. Grandslams will do that to you.

06-09-2012, 12:24 AM
Blue Wahoos Vs the Birmingham Barons (at Birmingham)
Tony Cingrani starting for the Wahoos
Pensacola Top of the 1st

Ryan LaMarre walks.
Didi Gregorius grounds out, 4-3. LaMarre to 2nd.
Greene singles on a grounder between short and third, LaMarre to 3rd.
Fellhauer sac fly to center LaMarre scores.
Vidal pops out to second. 1-0 Wahoos

Barons Bottom of the 1st

Leadoff singles on a ground ball to center deflected by Greene.
Cingrani strikes out the next batter swinging. Gets a fly out to center fielder LaMarre.
Strikes out last batter swinging.
1-0 Wahoos end of 1

Pensacola Top of the 2nd

Yordanys Perez pops out to pitcher.
Hunt walks and Phillips singles to left. 1st and 2nd. 1 down
Berset grounds out, 4-3. Hunt to 3rd. Phillips to 2nd. 2 down
LaMarre grounds out, 6-3. Rally Killer.....just sayin'

Birmingham Bottom 2

Cingrani rears back and strikes out the side. All of ya Shut Up Sit Down Go Home

Pensacola Top of the 3rd

Gregorius pops out to shortstop.
Brodie Greene HOME RUN!!!
Fellhauer grounds out, 6-3 and Vidal pops to shortstop ugly.
2-0 Wahoos

Birmingham Bottom of the 3rd

leadoff batter singles - a line drive to center.
Cingrani strikes out the next hitter on foul tip that Berset hangs onto.
Tony gets the next 2 on flies to right and center. Still zip

Pensacola Top of the 4th

Perez grounds out, 4-3 Hunt pops out to second.
P. J. Phillips singles to left, Berset singles to right, Phillips motors to 3rd.
LaMarre walks. Bases loaded. 2 down.
Gregorius grounds out, 4-3. Are where art thou RISP?

Birmingham Bottom of the 4th

Cingrani cruises - fly out, strike out, infield single, ground out. Looking very good Tony

Pensacola Top of the 5th

Greene singles to center.Fellhauer singles to right Greene to 2nd. 0 outs.
Vidal sac bunts both runners over. 1 out. 2nd and 3rd
Perez reaches on a fielder's choice out, 6-4-5. Brodie Greene scores. Fellhauer out at 3rd.
Stephen Hunt grounds out, 4-3.
2-0 Wahoos

Birmingham Bottom of the 5th

Cingrani gets the first batter to fly out to center.
Next hitter singles on a line drive to right. Cingrani Ks the next batter for 2 down.
Then he gives up a single to right runner advancing to 3rd. Phillips error in right bobbling it let him go to third.
Cingrani walks the bases loaded. 2 down. He gets out of the jam when he gets the next batter to pop up to shortstop Gregorious.
Still 2-0.

Pensacola Top of the 6th

Phillips 6-3, Berset Ks, LaMarre out 1-3. Quick 1-2-3 for Wahoos.

Birmingham Bottom of the 6th

Cingrani fans leadoff hitter, walks batter two and gets a fly to center for out 2.
The runner steals 2nd and Berset throws the ball away runner goes to 3rd.
Cingrani delivers, getting the last batter 6-3.

Pensacola Top of the 7th

Gregorius doubles to right. Greene pops out to second. Fellhauer and Vidal ground out.

Birmingham Bottom of the 7th

Justin Freeman replaces Tony Cingrani. Hope he doesn't ruin Tony's great game...
Fly out to Fellhauer. Next batter Ks and Freeman gets a 5-3 groundout to make quick work of the 7th.

Pensacola Top of the 8th

Perez singles. Hunt, Phillips and Berset all fly out. Done

Birmingham Bottom of the 8th

Freeman strikes out the first man then gives up a single and a wild pitch to send him to 2nd.
he next batter singles the runner to third but they hold him up there. 1st and 3rd 1 down.
Freeman strikes out the next batter and gets the last batter on a foul tip K. Nice job.

Pensacola Top of the 9th

Birmingham changes pitchers and LaMarre greets him with a single to left. Gregorious grounds into a 4-6-3 DP.
Brodie Greene walks and Fellhauer flies out to right for the final out. 2-0 lead.

Barons Bottom 9 - This is it

Wahoos send Drew Hayes to replace Justin Freeman who did a great job and Andrew Means replaces right fielder Phillips
Hayes rairs back and fires and strikes out the first two Barons he faces. 2 down.
He walks batter three who advances to 2nd on defensive indifference.
Hayes gets the last Baron 6-3 to save the game.

Wahoos win 2-0. Beautiful game by lefty Tony Cingrani

06-09-2012, 12:25 AM
Bakersfield Blaze vs. Modesto Nuts
Andrew Wildman Brackman on the mound for the Blaze at Modesto.
Jason Christian gets in the game tonight as the Blaze DH, Mattair is on third. Juan Duran, Jaren Mathews and Smith comprise the outfield. Power corners and speed in center.

Blaze top 1

Billy Hamilton strikes out swinging.
Lohman called out on strikes.
Bryson Smith grounds out, 5-3.

Modesto Bottom of the 1st

Brackman hits the first Modesto batter. Here we go. The runner steals 2nd.
Brackman strikes out batter two swinging. High heat.
Wild pitch by Brackman sends runner to 3rd.
Parker doubles to center field runner scores.
Next hitter singles on a ground ball to left field, Parker goes to 3rd.
Runner on first steals second.
Brackman fans the hitter and the runner tries to score as the last pitch gets away. Barnhart retrieves it and nails him at the

plate. 3 down.

Not an impressive first inning. Brackman gets 2 Ks but wild and hittable.

Blaze Top 2 trailing 1-0
Mattair called out on strikes
D'Anna hits a grounder to third and beats the throw. Infield single.
Duran walks. First and second. 1 down.
Mathews singles to right, D'Anna scores, Duran to 2nd.
Barnhart singles to center but the runners only advance one. Bases loaded. 1 down.
Christian draws the walk. Duran scores. 2-1 Blaze. Still 1 down.
Billy Blazes singles to center, the ball gets by the fielder and we're off to the races! All three runners score and Hamilton is standing on third when the dust settles! 5-1 Blaze. 1 down.
Lohman strikes out swinging. 2 down.
Smith flies out to right field ending the inning.
5-1 Blaze

Bottom 2nd.
First batter grounds out 3-1, Brackmann covering.
Brackman gets the second batter 6-3
Andrew has settled down, gets the last batter to ground out 5-3
5-1 Blaze end of 2

Top 3 Blaze:
Mattair and D'Anna both strikeout. The K disease is rampant in Bakersfield too.
Duran powers a fly to the warning track in left but it falls short for the third out.
Still 5-1 Blaze going to the bottom of the 3rd
Juan Duran, now 21, is still struggling quite a bit, hitting just .210 with 5 homers in 157 ABs. Just 7 walks and 59 Ks. The tools he flashed to get signed by the Reds as a teen sensation aren't translating into baseball success. Still young but time is definitely starting to run down on his chances.

Bottom 3 Blaze.
Brackman decides to act like a wildman and walks the first four batters. Yep 4 straight.
Then he gets a sac fly out to left, scoring another run.
Tucker Barnhart does his best to save Branckman's bacon picking off the runner at first for out #2.
First is open so Brackman walks the next guy. No kidding. I am NOT kidding.
Then he throws a wild pitch advancing both runners a base, now 2nd and 3rd.
Finally, Brackman strikes out the last batter who amazingly enough swung instead of looking.
5-3 Blaze end of three.

Top 4 Blaze.
Mathews fans. Barnhart walks and goes to 2nd on a wild pitch.
Christian walks. Billy Hamilton flies out and Barnhart gets picked off third by the catcher. Tucker! Sleeping?

06-09-2012, 12:26 AM
Modesto Bottom 4

Leadoff infield single.
Next batter singles on a line drive to center, runner to 3rd.
Pat Doyle replaces Andrew Brackman.
Doyle is greeted with a single on a grounder through to left. 1 run scores. Runners at first & 2nd.
Doyle gives up a double to right. 1 run scores. Runners on 2nd & 3rd.
Doyle bears down and strikes out the next three batters.

5-5 Nuts!!

Blaze Top 5
Lohman Ks, Mattair flies out and Smith strikes out. Another easy-peasy inning for the Nuts. Momentum shifting much?

Modesto Bottom 5
Fly out, ground out, pop out. Doyle shuts em down.

Blaze top 6
D'Anna greets new Nuts pitcher Yacko with a single to right.
Duran walks. Jaren Mathews singles to left, D'Anna scoring, Duran to 2nd.
Barnhart strikes out. 1 down.
Christian hits an infield single to load them up.
Billy Blazes goes down swinging and Devin Lohman lofts a fly but too much under it.
Retake the lead, though 6-5 Blaze

Nuts Bottom 6
Doyle cruising along.
First batter flies out to left then Pat strikes out the last two batters. 5 Ks now 3 innings relief.
End of 6 Blaze lead 6-5

06-09-2012, 12:43 AM
If Cingrani continues to pitch like this (or something close to it) in AA, would it be time to consider him for the top spot in the Red pitching pipeline? Is he there already?

Would he be number one overall?

AA is supposed to be the big jump, after all.

Then again, the league hasn't seen him at all. Once they get a book on him, he may struggle.

Of course, that would be the first time he's struggled as a pro.

Not even ahead of Corcino, Stephenson, Lotzkar, Travieso (when he signs) or Sulbaran in my mind. Right now, he simply hasn't shown me enough to think he is more than a 50-50 bet to be a starting pitcher.

06-09-2012, 01:22 AM
Blaze Top of the 7th
Smith grounds out 4-3, Mattair Ks and D'Anna flies to center. 3 up and down quick. Rolling along. Rare game as Billy hasn't stolen a base tonight. His only hit was muffed into a three bagger.

Modesto Bottom 7
Ken is sending in Michael Griffin to replace Doyle who pitched very effectively tonight.
Griffin fans the first batter and hits the second. Scare em death then strike em out
Walks the next two. He's all shook up. Bases loaded
So what to do what to do.
Griffin strikes ou the last two batters thats what.K HitWW KK kind of messy but it got the job done.
6-5 Blaze after 7 complete

Nuts top 8
Froneberg replaces Yacko.
Duran singles to left. Mathews flies out to center.
Barnhart walks. first and second. 1 down.
Christian walks, loaded up.
Darn it! Billy Blazes strikes out swinging, Lohman heats a short lazy fly out in left. No runs

Blaze Bottom 8
McMyne replaces Griffin. Ugh. Just sayin'...not a lot of confidence in Kyle
and the leadoff batter triples into the corner in left, it rattles around as Duran chases it down and there's a man on third.
McMyne coaxes a 6-3 groundout and the runner has to hold. 1 down.
He strikes out the next batter. 2 down.
Now he walks a guy. 1st and 3rd.
WHew! Fly out to Mathews in right. 0 runs. Sorry Kyle, shoulda had more confidence.

Blaze top 9
Nuts change pitchers - Chad Rose comes on.
Bryson Smith, cooling lately, flies out to right.
Mattair grounds out 5-3. D'Anna walks. Dom's had some offense the last few games.
Duran strikes out but gets to first on a passed ball anyway.
Jaren Mathews ends the threat popping out to second

Nuts go for the come from behind Bottom 9 Blaze will try to roast them
Theo Bowe going in to play right in place of Mathews and Brian Pearl comes in for the save.
Not sure why Bowe is sitting anyway. Only hitting .370 with an OBP over .450
Pearl walks the leadoff hitter.
The Brian gets a pop to third, a strikeout and a liner to Mattair at third to win the game.

Blaze Win 6-5