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06-09-2012, 10:52 AM

Dave Parker (61) -"The Cobra" was baseball's first million-dollar-a-year player...In 1979 he literally hit the cover off of a ball; he hit it so hard the seam came open...He's had both knees replaced, but as far as I know is doing fine.

Frank McCormick -His career didn't really get started till he was 27, but he was still a 9-time All-Star, and one of only three players to lead the league in hits for three consecutive years (Rogers Hornsby & Ginger Beaumont)...One year he only struck out 26 times in the entire season...Later a color man on Reds TV.

Ray Shore -Never played for the Reds, but "Snacks" was a batting practice pitcher, coach and scout for more than 20 years...An unsung hero of the BRM, he served as advance "superscout" in those years, and advised Bob Howsam on a number of his best trades, including the Joe Morgan trade.


Julio Gotay -IF in the early 1960s. I heard a story once that when he first came up to the bigs, every time he got paid he would faithfully write a check to his folks back home, put a stamp on the envelope, and then drop it into the trash can in the clubhouse, thinking it was a mailbox. I'm not sure it was Gotay, but it's too good a story not to repeat.

Bill Virdon (80) -Pirate outfielder known for his glasses and his fine defense. Later managed several teams...Twice he was replaced as manager by the guy he had originally replaced: in Montreal by Jim Fanning and in Pittsburgh by Danny Murtaugh...He also managed the Yankees right before Billy Martin's first term.

Dude Esterbrook -19th-century player mentioned here becuse more players should be named "Dude"...He bacame increasingly eccentric in later life, and eventually committed suicide by jumping from a train that was carrying him to a mental institution.

06-09-2012, 11:08 AM
I've mentioned before that I've assumed the story of Dave Parker, when he was playing for the Charleston Charlies at Watt Powell Park, hitting a home run into a passing coal train that ended up in Tennessee was a myth because there are so many similar stories, but he tells it for the truth, as do several old baseball men around Charleston. Who knows; I've certainly see that train pass by during games many times.

Bob Borkowski
06-10-2013, 07:10 AM
Frank McCormick -...Later a color man on Reds TV.

McCormick teamed with Ed Kennedy on the Reds telecasts and I thought that they were excellent together. I even got used to Frank's New York accent. :)

06-10-2013, 09:21 AM
I remember Ed Kennedy mostly for his constant shilling of Hudepohl beer on the Reds TV games. Meanwhile Waite Hoyt was doing the same with Burger beer on the radio side. As a kid, I always wondered which one was really better. Then I grew up and found that the answer was "neither"...