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06-24-2012, 10:01 AM
Reds go 6-4, now 39-31, .557 winning percentage, lead Pirates by 1 and Cards by 3, same as last time, lead Brewers by 6.5. Reds began stretch winning first five (six game win streak altogether) and Central lead was up to four games. Reds with 307 runs scored and 271 runs allowed, plus 36 run differential, Cards are plus 64.

Reds are 21-14 at home, second best home record in division (Pirates are 23-12 at home). Reds are 18-17 on the road, best road record in division just slightly ahead of Cards (20-19) and well ahead of Pirates and Brewers (15-20). Reds are 11-13 in one run games, Pirates are 17-11, best in division. Reds are 3-5 in extra innings, Pirates are 3-0, best in division. Reds with 19-8 record in day games, best in division, only 20-23 in night games.

Reds have only played the NL West six games, with 4-2 record. Reds with 15-14 record within Central, Cards are 19-13, Pirates 14-10, Brewers 13-14.

Player moves - Stubbs DL'd, Negron sent down, Rolen and Harris returned. Bray up, Hoover down.

Offense - Reds team OPS is .740, up from .730 last time. This is fourth best in NL, with Cards and Rockies well ahead (.780, .779). Reds jump in team OPS includes whopping increase from .793 to .816 against LHP. Reds .816 against LHP leads all baseball, with Arizona second at .799. MLB average is .714, Reds over 100 points better. Reds overall SLG is .422, fourth in the NL. Reds overall OBP is .318, tenth in NL. Reds overall BA is .252, ninth in NL. Reds OPS, SLG, OBP, BA all improved from last time. Reds 307 runs scored is eighth best in NL, with many teams having one or two more games played.

Reds home OPS is .790, fifth best in NL. Reds home SLG is .459, fifth best in NL. Reds home OBP is .332, sixth best in NL. Reds home BA is .263, seventh best in NL.

Reds road OPS is .691, seventh best in NL. Reds away SLG is .387, tenth best in NL. Reds away OBP is .304, ninth best in NL. Reds road BA is .242, tied with SD for 9th-10th in league.

Reds differential between home and road OPS is 99 points. NL average home OPS is .737 and away OPS is .694. So NL average differential home/road OPS is 43 points. Reds with much bigger differential, with away OPS slightly below NL average, home OPS well above NL average.

Reds wOBA is .319 up from .315 last time, now tied for fifth-sixth with Phils. Reds wRC+ is 96, eighth in league.

Votto now with .360 average, .484 OBP, .645 SLG, 1.128, each of which leads the NL. Over last thirty days, Votto hitting .462 BA, .545 OBP, .796 SLG, 1.340 OPS. Votto also leads NL in doubles with 30 and walks with 58.

Reds individual OPS includes Frazier, .879, Bruce, .851, Phillips, .781, and Ludwick .766. Ludwick with split of .305 OBP and .461 SLG. Since his return, Rolen in 18 at bats with over 1.000 OPS. Ludwick with .931 OPS over last 30 days in 73 at bats. Catchers over last 30 days with .626 OPS for Mesoraco (33 at bats) and .606 for Hanigan (55 at bats). Hanigan with two extra base hits (doubles) over last 30 days.

Reds last in the NL in stolen bases with 31. Reds stolen base percentage of 72 percent is league average.

Pitching - Reds team ERA is 3.56, same as last time, still fifth in NL. Starters at 4.00 ERA eighth best in NL and a tick better than league average 4.02. Reds relievers at 2.62 ERA to lead the NL and way better than league average 3.90. Reds relievers with won-lost record of 15-11. Pirates with 13-5 relief won-lost record and 2.73 relief ERA. Cards with 5-13 relief won lost record, 4.26 relief ERA. Brewers with 9-17 relief won lost record and 4.56 relief ERA.

Reds overall ERA at home is 3.62, eighth in NL. Reds away team ERA is 3.50, third best in NL behind Nats and DBacks. Reds pitcher have walked 186, third best in NL. Reds pitchers have fanned 545 sixth best in NL.

Reds FIP is 3.87, tenth best in NL, Cards second best, Pirates eleventh. Reds xFIP is 3.78, 5th-6th best in NL, Cards third, Pirates 11th.

Cueto now 9-3 with 2.21 ERA, 1.11 WHIP, 76 Ks, 21 walks in 101.2 innings. ERA is fifth best in league among qualifiers. Other starters are Arroyo, 3-5 with 4.19, Bailey, 5-5 with 4.20, Leake, 2-5 with 4.70, Latos 5-2 with 5.20 after rough outing v. Indians.

In last 30 days, Cueto with 2.55 ERA, Leake 3.72, Bailey 4.22, Arroyo 6.26, Latos 6.75.

Stat of the day: Over last 30 days, Latos has allowed ten homers and 21 earned runs in 28 IP, yet has fanned 22 and walked only FOUR batters. A few more pitches off the plate might help, perhaps.

Chapman on a slide is 0-3 with 5.40 in last 30 days. Overall, now 4-3 with 1.57 ERA, 34.1 innings, 59 Ks, 11 walks. Chapman has saved 8 in 11 opportunities. Marshall has saved 9 of 10, now at 2.83 ERA, with 36 Ks and 6 walks. Chapman has allowed 14 hits in 34.1 innings, Marshall has allowed 28 hits in 28.1 innings.

Arredondo with 34 Ks and 16 walks in 31.2 innings, yet has a 1.01 WHIP having allowed only 16 hits in 31.2.

Overall, Reds have saved 71 percent of their opportunities, 6th best percentage in the NL. 20 saves in 28 chances.

Fielding - Reds with 36 errors, six over the last ten games, second best in league behind DBacks. Reds .986 FPCT second in league. Reds DER according to MLB.com is .698, tied fo 5th-6th best in NL. Reds with 47 DPs made, next to last in NL in that category.

Homer Bailey
06-24-2012, 01:23 PM
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