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Red Leader
04-03-2003, 12:49 AM
On my team I have RP Keith Foulke, RP Eddie Guardado and RP Jose Jimenez. I am totally confident with Foulke and Guardado, but am scared of Jimenez. Should I dump him and pick up McDougall for KC or pick up another starter (Radke is available).

My current pitching staff is:

SP1: Randy Johnson
SP2: Mark Prior
SP3: Jason Schmidt
SP4: Javier Vazquez
SP5: Ramon Ortiz
SP6: Ted Lilly
SP7: Kris Benson

RP1: Eddie Guardado
RP2: Keith Foulke
RP3: Jose Jimenez

In my head to head league, 5 teams have 3 closers (including mine) and 2 teams have 2 closers, 2 teams have 1 closer, and 1 team has 4 closers. I have tried to offer Jimenez to the teams that have 1 closer and both have said that they are not interested in him for ANYONE on their team. What I'm worried about is if I drop him and one of the teams that have 3 closers picks him up, that will be another team that has 4 closers, and I will then have 2 (unless I pick up McDougall). At the same time, putting Jimenez in an active position is like playing Russian Roulette with my ERA and WHIP categories. I planned to only put him in the active roster when he is playing in a pitchers park and sitting him at home games and games at Minute Maid.

What should I do?

04-03-2003, 12:59 AM
i'd keep Jimenez.