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07-04-2012, 06:26 PM
Baseball and the 4th

Here I am looking out the dining room window at my daughters house, typing on my laptop. I had to come inside because my wife is a nanny fanny nucklefuster and insisted I was getting too hot as the kids and I played popper crackers on the driveway. Now I'm watching the family softball game begin. I've been forbidden to play by Ms. Nucklefuster. I'm a heart patient and a cranky one. My wife, my daughter and 2 grandsons, my brother-in-law and 2 nephews make one team, and my sister, my son-in-law, 2 grand daughters, another grandson and a great nephew make up the other.

Aunt Jodi is the ump and lord help anyone who argues with the old bat's calls. This is an annual affair and the third straight year I haven't been able to play. I think this is the hardest part of having a bad ticker. I want to play so bad my eyes are watering. That's the reason for it I'm sure. Maybe this is the last time I'll be here for this annual ritual. Fireworks, the family gathered in the July heat and baseball! Gawd I wish my da were here with me, I mean he is, but I mean really, sitting here at my elbow to see what he begat. And da, we all play ball, love baseball, root for teams - oh okay some of those knuckleheads down there root for the White Sox, or Royals, but baseball is baseball and family is family and we're blessed with an abundance of both.

My granddaughters boyfriend just singled. I am surprised he got a hit. He looks like Robot Chicken without the monocle. I didn't think he could play. Oh heck, she just ran out there and kissed him on the cheek. Hey, there's no kissing in baseball Kolbie! Aunt Jodi should have called a balk on that. Grandson Peyton lobs the ball in and Ms. Nucklefuster, the fore-mentioned nurse and wife of mine smacks into a double play. She is the female Sean Casey. Laws knows the woman cannot run. If she had had to run after me to catch me I'd have remained single forever. I just stood there and let her grab me :p.

Lots more of this game to watch. Then the family will have the 4th of July BBQ. The chicken is on the rotisserie now, and the Brats will go on later. I'm already sneakin the tater salad and cold baked beans. Hey! No one else is in here to stop me...:beerme:

Tonight I'll treat the grandsons to the Reds Dodgers on my daughters 32" monitor/TV set. I've already got the cabling setup so I can transfer the game from the laptop. I really can't wait for that. The fireworks should just be finishing up as the game starts here since its the left coast. I want to regale them with stories of Waite Hoyt and Peter Edward and Johnny B and Robby and Maloney and oh yes, stories of a certain stoop in Norwood and a couple of Elledge boys throwing balls against the stoop, Jackie and Russ Elledge, their great Granpa and great Grand Uncles. Stories Da would have told when he was here. Now I guess I hold that story telling torch. I only hope I can tell them half as good as Da did....

To my friends and fellow RedZoners I wish each and all a wonderful Fourth and a great holiday with your families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jake and the Spirit of ORG

07-04-2012, 06:45 PM
I think your family game may be the best one to watch today. Thanks for sharing it with us. :thumbup: Happy 4th.

07-04-2012, 08:14 PM
Your family should give you a microphone and make you call the game.

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07-05-2012, 05:16 AM
Great, great post Jake. You're wife is right, that's a family worth hanging around for. Sounds like you guys had a beautiful day.