View Full Version : All Star Break: The Red WAR

Scrap Irony
07-13-2012, 01:50 AM
Thought, as trade season gets heated up and we've got half a season under our belts, we could look at the Reds and assess the team's strengths and weaknesses via WAR. By positional ranks:
Offense (out of top 30 qualifiers per ABs)
C Hanigan 16th (T) 0.9
1B Votto 1st 5.0
2B Phillips 6th 2.2
SS Cozart 8th 1.8
3B Frazier 14th 1.6
LF Ludwick 20th 1.0
CF Stubbs 24th (T) 0.5
RF Bruce 21st 1.3
Comment: Surprised most with Bruce's poor ranking and Cozart's good ranking. There are no CF with a negative WAR. I find that fascinating (and flawed).

Starting Pitching (top 150 qualifiers, per IP)
SP Johnny Cueto 8th (Ace? Youbetcha.)
SP Mike Leake 62nd (T) 1.4
SP Bronson Arroyo 68th (T) 1.3
SP Mat Latos 81st (T) 1.1
SP Homer Bailey 101st (T) 0.8
Comment: That would technically make Cueto an ace, Leake, Arroyo and Latos MOR guys, and Bailey a solid #4. Much better than when the Reds had four #4s and a #5.

Relief Pitching (out of 154 qualifiers)
SL Aroldis Chapman 1st 1.8
SU Sean Marshall 21st (T) 0.8
MRP Alfredo Simon 58th (T) 0.4
MRP Jose Arredondo 81st (T) 0.2
LRP Sam LeCure 98th (T) 0.1
MRP Logan Ondrusek 112th (T) -0.2
Comment: Two of the top bullpen arms in baseball. Nice to see. Thought Chapman would have dropped further after struggles last couple of weeks. Ondrusek is not liked by the WAR gods, apparently.

Big Klu
07-13-2012, 02:09 AM
Four 4's and a 5 will get you far in Vegas, though.

07-13-2012, 02:27 AM
There are no CF with a negative WAR. I find that fascinating (and flawed).

Wait, in all of baseball? I tend to prefer BP's "WARP" which has Stubbs at -0.4 but it seems like the Fangraphs method is becoming the most widely used.. Of course I think there's still a lot of work to do with WAR since I don't put much stock on the defensive metrics used by the various systems. Bring on the FieldFx!

07-13-2012, 10:36 AM
Frazier being 14th in WAR may be the most impressive thing on there given his lack of playing time and the fact WAR is essentially a counting stat.