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07-18-2012, 11:01 AM
Reds go 7-3 now 12 games over .500 and leading NL Central over Pirates by 1 game. Reds have scored 377 runs and allowed 328, a differential of +49, Cards at +65, Bucs at +31. Cards trail Reds by 4.5 games. Reds at 51-39, 24-22 on the road, 27-17 at home. ESPN gives Reds 78.1 percent chance of making playoffs. Reds only 28-28 in night games, but 23-11 in day games. Oddly, Pirates and Cards also have better day records than night. Reds winning percentage is second best in the NL trailing Nationals. Season is now post- All Star Break.

Votto on DL with knee surgery out 3-4 weeks, had surgery yesterday. Reds temporarily added starting pitcher/long reliever Redmond, acquired from Braves for Janish. Another hitter likely to be added.

Offense - Reds with .730 OPS, sixth in the NL. Reds with .249 (BA)/.315 (OBP)/.415 (SLG)/.730 (OPS) team percentages. Basically identical to last time with marginal decline in OPS of one percentage point. Reds SLG is fifth in NL, OBP tenth, BA tenth.

Reds are third in NL in extra base hits with 289. While Cards OPS is 38 points higher than Reds, Cards trail Reds in extra base hits by 16. Big advantage of Cards on offense is BA (.274) and OBP (.340). Cards with 865 hits in 91 games; Reds with 752 hits in 90 games (tenth in league).

Reds with a .247 pinch hitting average, ninth in NL. Reds have grounded into 66 double plays, just at league average. Reds wOBA is .315, tied with Nats and Phils for 7th-9th in NL. wRC+ tied for 8th-9th in NL at 94.

Votto leads team in OPS at 1.069, a bit down from last time which was 1.101. Frazier at .895, Bruce .816, Ludwick .806. Then drop to Phillips at .765. Last 30 days, Ludwick with .985 OPS, Frazier .856, Votto .846, Heisey .812. Also in last thirty days, Stubbs at .580 OPS and Cozart .537.
Focusing on Line Drive rate, excluding pitchers, Votto leads Reds with 30.2%. Frazier next with 25.9%. Bruce and Phillips at 21.9%. Stubbs 15.8%. Mesoraco 15.3%. Fly ball rate led by Frazier at 48.9%, Cairo 45.2%, Bruce 45.1%, Ludwick at 44.6%. Votto at 31.9%, Phillips 31.1%, Stubbs 30.5%. Ground ball rate (among regulars) led by Hanigan at 57.3%, Stubbs 53.7%, Phillips 47%. Votto 37.9%, Ludwick 36.7%, Bruce 32.9%, Frazier 25.2%.

Pitching - Reds at 3.31 ERA down from 3.41 last time which was down from 3.56 before that. Third best ERA in the NL. Home ERA at GABP 3.40, sixth best in NL and better than league average of 3.72. Away ERA is 3.23, second in NL to Nationals and much better than league average of 4.17.

Reds starters now with ERA of 3.62, better than 4.02 league average, and fourth best in NL. Last time starting ERA was 3.79, before that was 4.00. Huge streak for Reds starters. Relievers at 2.60, best relief ERA in NL, last time was 2.70, before that 2.62.

Reds team pitching K/9 is 7.85 sixth in NL. Reds team pitching BB/9 is 2.73, second best in NL. Reds team K/BB is 2.87, second best in NL. Reds OPS allowed is .700, fifth best in NL. Reds have allowed 28 HBP, tied for fifth-seventh most in NL.

Reds with 7 complete games, most in NL, 26 saves fifth most in NL, save percentage 70% fifth best in NL. Reds FIP 3.74, fourth best in NL, improved from 3.87 last time. Reds xFIP, fifth best in NL, 3.78 improved from 3.82 last time. Reds team WHIP 1.24, second best in NL.

Chapman now with 80 Ks in 42.2 innings. In last thirty days, has 21 Ks, 2 BBs, in 8.2 innings. Excluding Bray (total of 5.1 innings), Reds worst ERA is Latos at 4.10. Cueto is now 11-5, 2.28 ERA. Bailey now 8-6, 3.93 ERA. Latos leads team with 103 Ks, also with 33 walks, has 109.2 innings, with 7-2 record.

WHIP numbers are interesting. Often relief WHIPs are lower than starters, but opposite is true for many on Reds. Some starting WHIPs - Cueto 1.16, Latos 1.21, Arroyo 1.24, Leake 1.27, Bailey 1.31. Some relief WHIPs - Marshall 1.36, Simon 1.36, Lecure 1.36, Ondrusek 1.41. Of course, Chapman is 0.73 best on ballclub.

Fielding - Reds DER (MLB.com) is now .700 tied for 5th-6th in NL with SF. Was a bit better last time at .703. Reds 46 errors fewest in NL, six were added since last report. Reds FPCT .986 is tops in NL with Arizona. Reds have 14 wild pitches, fewest in NL. Reds have 3 passed balls, among the fewest in NL. Hanigan has zero passed balls in 58 games played. Hanigan has a .405 caught stealing percentage, trailing only the Arizona catchers Blanco and Montero.

07-18-2012, 11:12 AM
Great stuff, KC. Thanks.

07-19-2012, 08:45 PM
Those reds pitching numbers are absolutely amazing. Walt HAS to get us someone for the top of this lineup for the stretch. Stubbs/Cozart are killing this offense.