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The caption to this one was "When the Game came to Silverton." Davenport always seemed to find a way to shoe-horn a mention of Silverton into his work. An exhibit of the "Wheelhouse Images" will open First Friday, August 3 with a reception and talk by the Oregon Cartoon Institute's Dennis Nybeck on the history of Baseball in Oregon. Additional details as the develop.

"Davenport was a long-time baseball aficionado," said Gus Frederick, who also created and maintains the "Homer Page" for the Festival; "and he was also a close personal friend to former pitcher and sporting goods magnate Albert Spalding."

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For those unfamiliar with Silverton, Oregon, the Peskovich brothers, also known as Johnny and Vince Pesky, played for the small town of Silverton at one point back in the days where every little town in America had a local baseball team. They had a few other good players come out of there, too.

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Much of the story is told first-hand, since Spalding had been involved in the game, first as a player and later an administrator, since the 1870s. In addition to his personal recollections, he had access to the records of Henry Chadwick, the game's first statistician and archivist.

And, if you missed it, Homer Davenport was The Titanic's last victim, having died from pneumonia in May of 1912.

For myself, I'm going to go listen to Norman Sylvester Thursday Evening: http://homerdavenport.com/hevent00.php