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08-08-2012, 11:23 AM
Reds went 6-4, now 66-44, second best record in NL and MLB, even after losing three straight at end of stretch. Reds now 3.5 ahead of Pirates in Central (was up to 5.5 at best point) and now 6 ahead of Cards. Last time, Reds led Bucs by 2 and Cards by 6.5. Reds 36-20 at home, 30-24 on road. Reds +67 run differential is third best in NL behind Cards (+114, best in MLB) and Nats.

Reds are now 19-16 in one-run games, Pirates are 23-17. Reds are 4-5 in extra innings, Pirates are 3-0. Reds expected W-L (based on run differential) by ESPN is 63-47, so team is still overachieving by that measure. Reds 26-13 (.667) win percentage in day games best in baseball.

Reds 22-8 over last 30 games, including a ten-game win streak. Votto still on DL. Votto last played July 15, Reds 16-6 since then. Phillips missed several games during this stretch. Navarro up with Mes on 7-day DL. Broxton acquired for two minor leaguers, Bray DL'ed.

Offense - Reds team OPS now .737, fifth best in NL and above NL average of .720. Last time was .736. Reds team BA is .252, ninth in NL, just below league average of .254. Reds OBP now .316, ninth best in NL, just below NL average .318. Reds SLG now .421, fifth in NL, well above league average of .401. Reds OBP slightly lower than last time, SLG slightly higher.

Reds with 125 homers trailing only the Brewers. Pirates surprisingly with 123 homers, third in NL. Reds now second in doubles to Mets, with 211. Runs scored, Reds with 473 eighth in NL. Reds third from the bottom of NL in stolen bases with 62, Pirates last. Reds are third in league in sacrifice hits with 50, tied with Phils.

Reds fifth in wOBA with .317. Reds wRC+ at 96, eighth in NL. Only two NL teams, Cards and Brewers, over 100 in wRC+. Overall, Reds team offensive percentage numbers very close to last time. Reds WAR on the offensive side fifth in NL at 17.9.

Reds now (aside from Votto) with four players above .800 OPS, Paul (.881 limited play), Ludwick (.869), Frazier (.833), and Bruce (.823). Over last thirty days, Ludwick and Rolen both over 1.000 OPS. Over last thirty days Frazier slumping with .686 OPS, .238 BA, .270 OBP, but .417 SLG. Also over last thirty days Hanigan, Cozart, and Mes below .700 OPS among regulars.

Against lefty pitching, Ludwick (.972), Votto (.936), Stubbs (.891) and Hanigan (.862) top the Reds in OPS. Bruce at .673, Rolen .611 (limited at bats) against lefties. Against righty pitching, Votto (1.131), Bruce (.885), Ludwick (.832), Frazier (.831) lead Reds in OPS among regulars. Heisey, Cozart, Hanigan, Stubbs, Mes all below .700 OPS against righties.

Only Reds regulars with BAs above .275 (non-pitchers) are Votto at .342, Phillips at .289. Only Red regulars (non-pitchers) with OBP over .340 are Votto (.465) and Hanigan (.347). Reds regulars with SLG at or above .400 are Votto, Ludwick, Frazier, Bruce, Phillips, Heisey, Cozart, and Stubbs.

Pitching - Reds with 3.38 team ERA was 3.27 last time. Starters ERA now 3.77, fifth in NL and better than 4.06 league average. Last time starters were at 3.58, so big drop off there. Bullpen ERA at 2.49, best in NL, was 2.54 last time, so improvement in that measure. OPS against Reds pitching is .708, tied with Cards for 6th-7th in NL. Reds have allowed 107 homers, which is league average. Team WHIP is 1.26, tied for second-third best in NL. Reds K/BB rate is 2.91, second best in NL behind Phils.

Reds DIP% (Defense Independent ERA Ratio) is 111.00, best in NL, and its ERC% (Ratio of "Component ERA" to actual ERA) is highest in NL at 108. These are ESPN measures. Fangraphs shows Reds FIP at 3.75, fourth in the NL, and its xFIP at 3.77, tied for third-fourth in league. Reds WAR on the pitching side is 13.8, second highest in the NL. Reds also with highest LOB% at 77.1% among NL teams.

Among starters, Cueto now 14-6 with 2.58 ERA in 153.2 innings. Latos now 10-3 with 3.94 ERA in 134.2 innings. Bailey now 9-7 with 3.98 ERA in 135.2 innings. Arroyo now 7-7 with 4.05 ERA in 135.2 innings. Leake now 4-7 with 4.51 ERA in 125.2 innings. Over last thirty days, Cueto at 3.24, Latos 3.30, Bailey 3.45, Arroyo 5.33, Leake 6.33 ERA. Arroyo with 5 HRs allowed, Leake with 6, in last thirty days. Overall, Arroyo and Latos with 20 HRs allowed, Bailey 19, Leake 17, Cueto 8.

Among the starters, in K/BB ratio, Arroyo is at 3.96, Cueto 3.54, Leake 2.97, Latos 2.84, Bailey 2.63. Best K rate among starters is Latos at 8.15 per nine innings, worst Arroyo with 6.04. (Chapman's K rate is 16.77 per nine.) Best walk rate among Reds starters is Arroyo walking 1.53 per nine. Worst is Latos at 2.87 per nine. So no Reds starter is walking 3 or more per nine innings.

Over the last thirty days, Reds starters BABIP numbers - Bailey .350, Arroyo .341, Cueto .340, Leake .337, Latos .267. For whole season, Cueto .308 BABIP, Leake .307, Bailey .301, Arroyo .296, Latos .273.

Among relievers left on base percentages, all above 80% with Chapman at 87.3%, except that Arredondo is at 79.3% and Simon is at 78.3%. Starters LOB% generally lower, with Bailey 73.9% and Leake 69.3% the lowest on team.

Fielding - Reds UZR is now -2.4 ninth in the NL. Last time it was 0.00 also ninth. Reds DER is eighth in league at .695 (MLB.com). Reds with 59 errors, tied for second fewest in NL, last time was 53.

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These posts are always must reads - thanks again for doing them.

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These posts are always must reads - thanks again for doing them.

My pleasure. Thanks.

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I hadn't realized Latos has lowered his ERA so dramatically. :beerme:

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One more stat to chew on. Reds have the third most extra base hits in the NL, 356. Cards have 345. Pirates 314.

Reds have the lowest number of singles in the NL at 574. Pirates have 575. Cards have 717.

Probably doesn't include today's game.

Team Clark
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Super as always. Love it.

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Nice KC. Always a highlight.