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08-14-2012, 12:21 AM
Tried posting this in the non-sports forum, as it's not a "REDS" topic, and that there isn't a "general" baseball topic, and it's not a "baseball" topic, anyway. It's a human interest topic about someone who just happen to once wear a baseball uniform.

But, Boss-Hog was dead sure honoring the man is something that can't be shared by all and must be a topic separated by some split between Old Red Guard and The Sundeck. Go figure.

Johnny Pesky, or Johnny Paveskovich (the "v" is silent), as he was born, was a product of the days where every little town in America had several baseball teams. Baseball was played often, and by players who mostly grew up on a farm. The stamina these players had were unbelievable, as their strength was developed by the farm work they did as youths. Throwing 300, 400 innnings during a season was nothing for these guys.

Johnny Pesky, and his brother Vince, who also played for the Red Sox, grew up as great story tellers, but most importantly, they grew up loving people. They'd think "The Old Red Guard" was a joke as there shouldn't be any dividing line between people wanting to discuss baseball.

Could they tell stories. Go to a game and for the next 2-1/2 hours the game became a backdrop for conversation about other things. The game was there. You'd pay attention. But, it was just a game, something that gets lost on too many people around here. The flow of the Sundeck game threads most resembles this attitude, except for the extreme "woe is me" crowd. But, mostly, it's about other discussions with a game in the backdrop.

Johnny Pesky will be missed, but he showed millions, as the Boston writer Shaunessey stated, that love of the game only comes if there's love of the people.

Thank you Johnny and Vince for sharing so many stories and good times with me.

08-14-2012, 01:23 AM
Johnny Pesky, or Johnny Paveskovich (the "v" is silent),

which "v" ?