View Full Version : The hitting of our Pitchers/the curse of Joey Votto

08-28-2012, 03:59 PM
There was an article on yahoo recently (a fan article) that the Reds are winning in large part because of the hitting by our pitchers. That, plus Arroyo's homer yesterday got me to thinking.

The one group of hitters that the hitting coach spends almost no time with (except to work on bunting) is the pitchers.

Ok... now realize that under that same hitting coach, Joey Votto has gone from a very solid hitter in the minors to a truly elite one in the majors.

Combining those two streams... perhaps part of the hitting struggles is because the coach is using the same method that worked so well on Votto to try to change/evolve the other hitters, whereas with the pitchers, he just sticks to the fundamentals since he has no real time to develop their swings?