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04-06-2003, 08:40 PM
I new to fantasy baseball ,but what do you think of my team?

C Santiago, Benito
1B Sweeney, Mike
2B Kent, Jeff
3B Hillenbrand, Shea
SS Furcal, Rafael
OF Guerrero, Vladimir
OF Matsui, Hideki
OF Hidalgo, Richard
Util Burnitz, Jeromy
Bench Ortiz, David
Bench Fox, Andy
Bench Simon, Randall

SP Hudson, Tim
SP Moss, Damian
RP Gagne, Eric
RP Remlinger, Mike
P Valdes, Ismael
P Hernandez, Runelvys
Bench Lilly, Ted
Bench Ponson, Sidney

Red Leader
04-07-2003, 11:43 AM

I'm not a fan of SS Furcal, but he will get you SB's. I think Simon is good, but I don't like the other two on your bench, they won't get enough AB's to be useful. Burnitz doesn't impress me either. He'll most likely struggle again this year, and won't help in batting average, at all. Sweeney will have a big year, same with Kent and Vlad.


Hudson and Lilly are your best starters, trust me. Moss is average, but since he plays on a good offensive team, he might finish above average. Ponson and Valdes are waiver wire material. I expect R. Hernandez to have a couple more good starts because he will be facing a soft schedule. If he gets off to a 4-1 start, or close, deal him for someone that has started slow with more value. Remlinger is a setup man, and most likely won't get you too many saves.

How many teams in your league? Who's on the waiver wire? I'd seriously look to upgrade: Fox, Ortiz, Ponson and Valdes from the waiver wire.