View Full Version : Yoenis Cespedes or Aroldis Chapman (RC)

09-10-2012, 09:50 PM
What would you pursue

Aroldis Chapman Topps Triple Threads rookie card Autograph (on card) jersey piece 09/50
Yoenis Cespedes Topps Chrome rookie card Autograph (on card) refractor 11/75

Just looking for opinions from someone more experienced in cards. Is #d/75 vs #d/50 really that much of difference.

Im taking Yoenis to have the better career, resulting in better value even with 25 more cards.

Not saying Chap wont have a great career, but in reality, I could see Yoenis being a yankee in his career, with that, better stats compared to oakland roster/colesium.

or both

09-11-2012, 10:51 AM
I would think Chap, Triple Thread is a better product IMO than Toops Chrome, although the refractor is nice. Don't think you would lose on either. At this moment I would guess Chap is more valuable simply cause he is established right now, but who knows how it would play out long term.