View Full Version : New Here. Lifelong Reds Fan in DC.

10-06-2012, 11:00 PM
Hi everyone,

Originally from NY where I learned to hate all NY baseball as a child. Also where I learned to love the Reds (another story for another time) in 1974 just before all the good things happened.

Now live in DC and have adopted the Nats locally. But, as I tell people all the time (especially this year), it's a no-brainer answer to the obvious question of 'what do you do if the Reds play the Nats in the LCS?' Answer: Reds of course. Nats are adopted and new like a 5th marriage so, of course I care and go see games, buy a hat, etc. But the Reds are the girl I loved first, most and always will.

Watch nearly all Reds games on mlb.tv and see them when they come to DC. I travel to CIN to see games at GABP. Just caught the Dodgers series (all 3 games) a few weeks ago and saw the clinch. Awesome stuff!

Just came across this site and have been lurking for a few weeks. Decided to join tonight after Cueto left the game. Felt kinship and support here that's harder to find in DC when it comes to the Reds.

Signed up. Ready to post in the game thread and....no go...read the rules. Will look for "SunDeck" tomorrow once this game is over.

In the meantime, hello and very glad to be here.

P.S., No complaints about the posting rules. Actually very much appreciate this forum is run by people who care about civility and substance. That's why I registered. Looking forward to getting voted onto the island!

10-07-2012, 02:27 AM
Welcome to the site. I hope your first love reigns superior over your next ex-wife. ;)

10-09-2012, 12:36 AM
Welcome aboard! I'm currently transplanted outside of DC myself. MLB.tv has been my hero this season.