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10-08-2012, 06:12 PM
I'm not in Cincy so don't get the local news, plus I am more casual on this board than some, so if these questions are already answered, please forgive me. Also, I am NOT looking a gift horse in the mouth, I love a 2-0 lead on the Giants and the 9-0 beatdown especially. Just had a few questions and I figured some would have insight.

1) Frazier -- is he not going to play in the playoffs unless Rolen's back seizes up again? Frazier has been a big, big part of this team this year. Is he just gonna be a PH and late inning replacement like last night? I like where Rolen is right now -- he seems to be hitting ok, and as always plays great defense. I don't have a particular problem with playing him as long as he is healthy. But Frazier has to play some, I would think, and it ain't going to be over Joey Votto.

2) Will Ryan Hanigan catch all playoff games, with Navarro only being used if necessary?

3) Will the rest of the platooning -- especially Heisey -- not be used during the playoffs? Are we looking at an outfield of Ludwick-Stubbs-Bruce, then Rolen-Cozart-Phillips-Votto-Hanigan around the IF and C, for the duration of the playoffs?

I'm not complaining about that line-up, just wondering what to expect.

I'll hang up and listen.

10-08-2012, 06:23 PM
1) Yuuuuupppppp!!!!! Frasier struggled pretty bad down the stretch. Rolen has come up w/ some key hits and remains solid defensively. Ludwick came up huge last night in LF, made some big plays out there defensively in SF as well. I wouldn't expect to see Frasier much more than as a pinch hitter. Todd had an excellant rookie season, perhaps even a ROY season, but right now there's no room at the inn for the position he can play. I think he likely remains as Dusty's key pinch hitter however, a situation that hasn't arisen yet, but surely turn up sooner or later, most likely sooner.

2) I think we find out tomorrow if Hannigan will catch all games in the playoffs (baring injury) or if we'll see Navarro starting any games. Dusty was able to give hannigan a decent amount of time off towards the end of the season. There's also a lot of off days during the playoffs. He'll get the rest he needs, and I think we'd all agree that we'd rather have Hannigan's defense behind the plate. Nevermind that his bat has been solid all season long.

3) Heisey is another guy who struggled mightly down the stretch. As long as Ludwick and Stubbs continue to come up big either defensively or offensively (or both as they have so far) Heisey will mainly be used as a defensive replacement/pinch runner to protect Ludwick's injury.

If, and I repeat IF, the Reds advance to the next round, I'd still like to see Mes replace Cairo to allow Navarro used as a key pinch hitter along w/ Frasier. The other move that I'd like to see take place (and I think it will) is to see Leake replace Simon as the last pitcher. The Reds will likely need 4 starters in round 2, better have someone that can cover for Cueto or any other starter should a mild injury pop up again in round 2.

10-08-2012, 08:24 PM
As long as Rolen is playing well, he'll starting, as he should be.

Same for Stubbs.

Same for Hannigan.

In the playoffs, especially since all our players came into the playoffs well rested due to clinching so long ago, you basically go with what you consider your best lineup. We have no platoon players due to matchups, so as long as guys like Rolen, Hannigan and Stubbs are performing, their great defense ensures they will stay in the lineup.

10-08-2012, 09:09 PM
Mike Leake isn't on the roster... or can they change the roster for each round?

10-08-2012, 09:12 PM
Mike Leake isn't on the roster... or can they change the roster for each round?

You can change it for each round.