View Full Version : This was a premium squad: Salute

10-11-2012, 08:39 PM
Dang, what can be said. This team got it done all year, just had the rug pulled out by a scrappy team. They got out-scrappied. That never feels good. Ultimately, SF won this series in late June when Votto slid into 3rd base in SF. His scuffed up knee. For crying out loud what a mess. We all expect Votto to come back strong. But what about the others, so integral? it's not decided and no one can predict:
Ludwick, Madsen, Broxton - FA's
Ondrusek, Arredondo, Navarro, Chapman, Stubbs, Leake - what roll will they have?

Whatever happens, this vintage of the Cincinnati Reds is now uncorked and poured out. I got buzzed, but was hoping to get trashed and wake up in Detroit or New York.

I'll carry on, but a cheers to Bob 'nem for a heck of an effort. These are good damn people down there on Nuxhall Way. :beerme:

A salute to this sunken ship! :usa:

10-11-2012, 08:45 PM
Hear, Hear! or is it, Here, Here!

I will remember this team for losing Votto, and deciding to prove they didn't need him. That 22-3 stretch was a thing of beauty and not to be forgotten.