View Full Version : AAA depth signings/minor league

Red Swagger
01-03-2013, 12:38 AM
Loek Van Mil- 7'1 sasquatch. Has a great arm, just some control issues. Quality signing, could bust out in 2013 and be an option sitting in Louisville

Jeff Marquez- RHP Former 1st RD pick, battled injuries last year. Is healthy now. Low risk SP option for the Bats. Only 28 years old.

Derrick Robinson- only 24, LH OF, Looks to have big time speed, decent AAA 1st year in 2012. Drafted in the 4th RD

Kevin Whelan- RHP 27 years old, drafted in 4th RD. Good year last in AAA for the Yankees. 12 K per nine.. 3.55 ERA.. Good signing. Bullpen depth is key. Pitched a few innings in the MLB

Seems with all of our major moves done with, Walt is now filling the AAA roster with quality depth. 40 man is full