View Full Version : Disaster Scenarios..What if all the Reds players died on a plane crash? Or what if...

01-13-2013, 05:32 AM
So I'm curious about some of the regarding Disaster Scenarios.

What if during a travel day, the Reds jet crashes and everyone on board dies.

1. Does the season end for all of MLB? Or just for the Reds?
2. Does everyone in AAA get promoted to the Major League Level? Than what happens with A, AA?
3. Do the reds get compensated in any way in terms of draft picks?
4. Do the Reds as an organization even compete the following year?

Second disaster situation...

The Reds just acquired Josh Hamilton (or any BIG time player in a trade)...But he drug overdosed and passed away. The Reds gave a HUGE package to Texas, of there top 5 elite prospects they had in there minor league system.

1. Do the reds get compensated in any way? Extra draft picks? Compensation picks? How would this work
2. Or perhaps, would the traded minor leagues be returned back to the Reds?