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Thread: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

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    Also among the evidence collected by the New Times was a note from Bosch congratulating Melky Cabrera on his All-Star Game MVP award. Bosch wrote, “This smells like the ‘Braun’ advantage.”

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    Make these guys pee in a cup after every stinking game if that's what it takes. Good lord this is getting old.
    "I hate to advocate chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone... But they've always worked for me."

    -Hunter S. Thompson

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    The big question for me is, are any of our current Reds involved? How many of them live/winter in South Florida? Obviously, none have been implicated, but you have to be concerned.

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    Votto lives in Sarasota, but I would be shocked beyond belief if he ever gets implicated in something like this.

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    Quote Originally Posted by cincyinco View Post
    Make these guys pee in a cup after every stinking game if that's what it takes. Good lord this is getting old.
    And use the suspended players pay to functionally pay for the whole system of testing.

    BTW: It's waaay beyond old to me, just sayin'

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    Peeing in the cup isn't enough to be effective. They need to be subject to random blood tests an unlimited number of times throughout the season and off season.

    Here is a great piece by Bill Simmons from Grantland.

    Warning: It does have rough language.

    The whole "innocent until proven guilty" mind-set will always be our default … until you burn us. If you burn us? Then, and only then, do we flip out. Nixon lied about Watergate; we never forgave him. Clinton lied about Lewinsky; we didn't forgive him for years and years. Countless baseball stars lied about cheating; we barricaded them from the Hall of Fame. Lance lied about absolutely everything; we turned him from a do-good hero into a defensive pariah. We hate people who lie to our faces.

    But when you keep your head down and keep cheating? That's a little tougher. We're culpable in this respect: We have a tendency to look the other way as long as those great games and great moments keep coming. And it's not just with performance enhancers.

    We look the other way when college basketball coaches pretend to care about academics as they're riding one-and-done players to titles, or when those same coaches gush about "the bond between me and those kids" and then defecate on it by jumping to another school for a little more money.

    We look the other way when hardcore evidence emerges that the NCAA is just as corrupt and dishonest as some of the shadier coaches it's policing.

    We look the other way when FIFA accepts bribes for World Cup bids, or when it turns out the NFL never really cared about player safety until there was a massive concussion lawsuit coming.

    We look the other way when baseball teams win World Series even though they probably wouldn't have made the playoffs without significant help from steroids cheats.

    We look the other way when NFL players are allowed to create any excuse they want for a four-game drug suspension (usually Adderall), or when David Stern tells a reporter that he doesn't see how PEDs would help NBA players (yeah, right).

    We look the other way as the NBA keeps its own little Santa Claus streak going: Of all the running-and-jumping sports that feature world-class athletes competing at the highest level, only the NBA hasn't had a single star get nailed for performance enhancers … you know, because there's no way hundreds of overcompetitive stars with massive egos would ever cheat to gain an edge with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake.

    We look the other way when the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL players associations keep blocking blood testing in their respective sports (MLB finally started blood testing for the 2013 season), even though doctors keep telling us, "Hey, if we can have regular blood samples, it's a thousand times easier to catch cheaters."
    We've been burned too many times by the words "absolutely incredible." Now we're here. So we wondered. And kept wondering. I probably received 700 "Do you think Peterson is doing this legitimately?" e-mails in November and December. Some were funny, some were thoughtful, some were crazy. All of them made me think.

    Did I Google photos of Peterson's Oklahoma head and compare them to his Minnesota head? I did. And felt like a loser the entire time. Until I mentioned it to a buddy.

    "Oh, I've done that," he said. "Everyone does that. That should just be a website. Before/after photos of athlete heads. They should all be in one place."

    And I found myself nodding. That's a great idea for a website. He's right.

    Does that make me a bad person? Am I damaged? You tell me. At the Grantland office, it's been something of a running joke: I call it my "Pee In The Cup" list. I never wrote about that list because ESPN Me overruled Sports Fan Me (smartly, in this case). Just know that it doesn't take much to get added to the list. Some of my favorite ways include …

    • Skip the Olympics (which has much stricter drug testing) in your prime for any dubious reason and you're on the list.

    • Enjoy your best season in years in your late 30s, four or five years after your last "best season," and you're on the list.

    • If you're a skinny dude who miraculously managed to add 20 pounds of muscle to your scarecrow frame, you're on the list.

    • If you chopped down the recovery time of a debilitating injury to something that just didn't seem possible a year ago, you're on the list.

    • If you were really good and really ripped at a really young age, and now your body is breaking down much sooner than it should be breaking down, you're on the list.

    • If you're exhibiting a level of superhuman endurance that has little correlation to the endurance of any of your competitors, you're on the list.

    You're on the list for reasons that, sometimes, aren't even your fault. You're on the list because of mistakes your peers made, because the media foolishly trained itself to look the other way, because we learned the hard way that "absolutely incredible" usually comes with a catch. You're on the list because your players union negotiated ironclad drug-testing rules, ostensibly to protect your rights, but really to protect your right to cheat without being judged. You're on the list because our President claims to be a big sports fan but refuses to get involved, and apparently would rather see every sport go to hell over risking political capital and doing something about it. You're on the list because we don't have blood testing in your sport yet, or biological passports, or anything else that would allow us to know if you were competing fairly or unfairly. You're on the list because it's 2013 and we still have our heads stuck in the sand.
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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    The list was written in April, in the hand of Biogenesis of America clinic founder Anthony Bosch. Among the names is the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun, and to the right of that name is a figure: $1,500.

    Does anyone still believe this guy?

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    Re: MLB investigating region in PED war - ESPN

    It's getting interesting...


    Former employees of a now-shuttered South Florida anti-aging clinic and others who had ties to it have told Major League Baseball that the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez arranged to purchase documents from the clinic to keep them out of the hands of baseball officials, according to two people briefed on the matter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Cloninger View Post
    This team is like watching Zero Hour and thinking you are watching Airplane and waiting for the funny.

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