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He might not be what he was before, and likely never will be. But he's still the best player in the world....not simply a "very good player". He's won 7 tournaments in the last 18 months and has been close in most majors. How many guys out there now have won 7 tournaments in their careers? Not many. I have no idea if he'll win another major, or how many. But I don't think it's because he doesn't have what it takes or because the other guys are just as good. In any given week, he's still the single player most likely to win. It's just REALLY hard to win in professional golf these days......laregely because of the impact he's had on the game.
Tiger's great, no doubt about it. Shane Ryan summed it up pretty good about Tiger in Grantland.com today.

"He plays bitter, joyless golf, where the predominant emotion is anger and the whole spectacle looks like a private battle he'll never win. The outlook is cynical, fate is his enemy on every putt, and each smile is sarcastic. He's become Sergio Garcia, minus the overt whining. Maybe winning a major will set him right, but until then he's gradually losing whatever it was that made him so magnetic and intimidating."

Good for Phil, though. It's funny how he and Tiger are sort of two sides of the same coin when it comes to finishing a tournament. Phil can't stand prosperity and if he gets a lead late, he usually blows it while Tiger hangs onto a lead like a mama bear hangs on to her cub. Conversely, Phil comes from behind as well as anyone but Tiger can't charge to save his life.