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I just think the addition of 5 more slots to each team, for a total of 35 (not including the 4 DL slots, which would take it to 39) is excessive. If a player on a team goes down, the only available players to help immediately are already fringy and generally poor fantasy options, and having another 60 players added to rosters would dilute this even further.

I would be for removing some bench slots and replacing them with NA slots but would be against expanding rosters to an even more humongous size than they are now.

Aside- I understand the concept of a keeper dynasty league, but in our league right now the best players available to pick up are owned in less than half of leagues (three pitchers outstanding). I think it is interesting but not necessarily fun to have to pick up Clayton Richard when Matt Cain goes down, or to have to add Juan Francisco if Miguel Cabrera goes down.
OK good points.

I am not sure there is ever going to be an adequate replacement for Matt Cain or Miguel Cabrera on the Free Agent list even if we reduced the roster size to 20 men. In real life if a star like Miguel Cabrera gets hurt the Tigers won't be able to sign a quality free agent mid-season to replace him. They will have to use one of their bench players for awhile or else make a trade. We have the same options in a fantasy league.

You are not going to be able to snatch a stud player off the Free Agent list and insert him straight into your starting lineup very often in any fantasy league no matter the roster size, especially a dynasty league. In a deep dynasty league the idea is to build a full roster and part of that is investing in some backups to fill the gap if a star gets injured. If you opt to forego a backup player to add an extra prospect it can come back to burn you. Part of building a competitive team is strategizing the best way to use your 11 bench slots wisely so you can cover your injuries while also planning for the future. All teams suffer multiple injuries, so building a strong bench is a big key to winning the league.