After Mesaraco's suspension, he was diagnosed and sidelined with a concussion. When he came back, he was sent to Louisville and then when the roster was expanded he just got buried. He wasn't just buried at the end of the bench, he just vanished. After August 20th, he got into two games as a late inning replacement and saw a grand total of 3 plate appearances. He not only didn't get a start, he didn't get an at bat and I don't believe he even caught a pitch.
Somebody in the organization made the decision that Navaro was going to be the backup catcher in the playoffs and once that decision was made, burying Devin at the end of the bench makes sense.
I don't THINK the organization gave up on him, but....well funny things happen. I'm sure there are 25 other organizations around baseball that would be glad to have him.