we have done several vacations around the USA and now we really want to do a cruise.....I have heard a ton of great things and some not so great things.....we are really wanting to try it out regardless of the negative things we have been told.....we want to do tropical and we want a 7 day cruise with a few land excursions......we have done tons of research on the net but no better way to research than to ask those I trust and those that have been there and done that....I trust all of your advice so give it to me real.....good and bad.

some of my questions:

should we share a room or get adjoining rooms, 1 for my wife and I and 1 for my daughter and her friend?

kids are age 15 so they should be able to find things to do on the boat, with that said, can we trust that while on the boat, the kids will be safe?

how much spending money is enough to be comfortable....I know this is a tough question as its different for everyone but we would like to do land excursions like snorkling, horse back riding on the beach. 4 wheelers on the beach, zip lining, shopping, para-sailing...etc......we dont want to do all these things but I was just giving you some ideas.

would you suggest taking dress clothes for formal dining or just eat at the casual dining rooms?

is the casino a good casino?

is there stuff to do all hours of the night....sometimes we tend to be night owls while on vacation....we have been known to take off with the kids while in Florida and head to walmart at 3am just to get out and do something differnet.....kids love it and we feel like we can hang when we stay out late...lol

is there truly enough stuff for us adults to do on the boat to stay busy and have fun? I am talking other than just sitting by the pool and drinking alcohol..

does anyone get sea sick....I get motion sickness some times but only if its bad. dramimine makes me really sleepy so I try to avoid it at all costs.....I have been deep sea fishing and got sick once and was fine once.....

......any and all suggestions are welcome......I want to hear anything and everything from you all.....after all, its winter and spring training has not started yet.