Hi all,

If you are new to the site, welcome to RedsZone.com. Please take some time to introduce yourself in the Introductions and Site Feedback forum.

If you did not read the initial private message and/or email that came from me, please do so. It's particularly important that you review the About Us section to understand our basic mission statement, as well as our expectations.

In January 2013, we made some site-level changes that are outlined here. The changes designated The Sun Deck (this forum) as the area for new members to get their feet wet. Those who are veterans of the site can post replies in this forum, but they cannot start new threads or partake in any discussion in the Sun Deck-specific Game Threads sub-forum. The purpose of these rules is to allow RedsZone veterans to mentor newer members, while also providing some degree of separation between member access in the Old Red Guard and Sun Deck forums.

Once you have been registered for 45 or more days AND have 50 or more posts, you will automatically be granted the ability to post in The Old Red Guard forum. At that point, the aforementioned Sun Deck restrictions will apply to you. Please note that only posts made in The Sun Deck (and not the Game Threads sub-forum) and Minor League Talk forums will count towards your post total.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues, you are always free to post them in the Introductions and Site Feedback forum.

From co-founders GIK and Boss-Hog, welcome to RedsZone.com.