Hello all...my name is Mike....long time reader, first time poster.

Big Reds fan since 1975...I was a very impressionable 12 year old. I became a Reds and Steelers fan because everyone was that year! Lol. I have never strayed, win or lose.

I have been to Riverfront for in season games...saw Kevin Mitchell hit three homers including one in the Red Seats...yes, I called the shot. I also was at the 1990 World Series. I won the tickets in a phone lottery and tickets to all four home games...didn't need the last two...hehehe. Stayed for the parade and touched the trophy at Fountain Square. I also had tickets to Griffey's home opener vs Milwaukee. Rain out on the first day and a loss the following day. Probably a premonition, but Grif had 5 at bats and didn't hit the ball out of the infield. I have not been to the "new" stadium and usually catch a series in Cleveland or Pittsburgh every year as they are only 4 hours from me. I have met numerous players including Griffey, Rose, Larkin, O'Neill and my fave, "E", Eric Davis. I have great stories about these guys too. Another time though...

Enough of the long read...glad to be here and Go Reds!