Sorry for what is probably a stupid question, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a general overview of how spring training works in terms of the total number of guys invited, how the guys are split up, etc. I'm mostly interested in how it works for the younger guys who don't really have any shot of making the majors in 2013. Guys like Winker, Stephenson, etc. I know obviously Hamilton, Cingrani, Corcino, Hoover, etc. who are further along in development will be there.

So for example, do most of the Reds top 20 prospects spend time in spring training with the big league guys? Do the low major guys do spring training with their A ball teams?

I know I've watched guys like Juan Duran playing alongside the MLB regulars in past spring training games, but how are things like that decided in terms of which prospects get the chance to play in ST games? Does 40 man roster status have a big impact?

Again, I apologize as this is sort of a random and vague question, but any insight would be much appreciated.