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I'm sure CE is with me in seeing the Astros deconstruct the entire organization to "restock" is being overplayed, especially in year 2. Right now, all they look like is the fantasy team owner in your league that acts like he knows what he's doing but that everyone else in the league jobs on trades. It also assumes that they are smarter than everyone else to be right on their prospect picks. By the time they start to see fruit, they may be 2 more GMs down the road.
Fair point. But can you honestly say that they've made a bad trade in the past year or 2? Especially when you consider that some of the players were on record saying they weren't going to re-sign there? (Bourn, Lee & Pence IIRC). Nearly all the deals they've made in the past 2 years have netted them quantity AND quality. If you look at their top 20 prospects...outside of the 2 or 3 drafted these past 2 years, nearly all of them have come via these trades. If those MLB players weren't going to make you a winner AND they weren't willing to re-sign...then holding onto them is kinda stupid.